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Tuesday, November 02, 2004
Last night, I was reviewing some information for the election. I was looking at responses to a survey done for the candidate for the US House in the 10th district of Michigan. I found this article which shows the response from the Natural Law Party candidate Anthony America. Something tells me that wasn't his given name at birth. Maybe he's related to Johnny Spirit. Anyway, here are the questions and the responses:

1. Please state your position on the war in Iraq and explain what role you believe the United States should play over the next several months. Should we maintain a substantial level of troops there and should the U.S. military continue to provide national security for the Iraqis?

2. What economic policies do you advocate to create new jobs and to slow the movement of American jobs being outsourced overseas? Should President Bush's tax cuts be made permanent?

3. What changes should be made to our health care system to make health care more accessible to the uninsured and more affordable for employers and their workers?

ANTHONY AMERICA, Natural Law Party

Personal: 62, Port Huron

Education: Self-educated.

Occupation: Real estate broker.

Background: Life-long "Democrat" running on the Natural Law Party ballot. A political activist for the rights of all Americans.

1. Bullfeathers. Saudi Arabia is responsible for 9/11. Leave Iraq and take back our money. Four thousand dead Americans, more than 1,000 soldiers dead, and Osama bin Nasty is still alive. Iraq is Pappy Bush's war. What a waste, what a crime.

2. Unite Canada, Mexico and the U.S.A. as one nation. From the North Pole to the Equator - this will be our motto. Invest our money and corporations in the Russian economy for this could be our new frontier. Build a trans-Siberian railroad linked to Alaska. Tax help for the working man, not crooks and the wealthy.

3. A Canadian-type health system would be fair to everyone. Regulate doctors, hospitals and all medical treatments due to all the greed, malpractice and harm and death caused by uncaring, careless and ignorant personnel and crooked doctors who give people operations they don't need, so they (the doctors) become wealthy.

I almost want to vote for him for the humor value.
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