Arbitrary Randomness
Wednesday, November 10, 2004
I sit at my desk to eat my lunch and do a little surfing. Twice this week, the same person has come up to me, and started with, "I hate to bug you at lunch, but....." Well, if you hate to do it, then DON'T!!!!

I can understand if it's some type of an emergency, but both times it was minor things that were of no big deal. Furthermore, it could have been summarized in about 30 seconds, but it took this person about 5 minutes repeating stuff over and over, even after I answered the question.

What's even worse is that I have a cube with a half wall (only goes up about 3-4 feet or so) and am on an aisle, so the person could just stand in front of me and talk, but she came around the side, and stared at my screen. Not that I was surfing any improper sites, but I hate when people do that.

UPDATE: She just asked someone else the exact same question, and it looks like she just went over to a third person to ask the same question. So (1) if it wasn't so important that it didn't have to be answered during lunch, why did you bug me in the first place, and (2) If you are going to ask someone else's opinion, don't ask me in the first place.

OK, I'm done venting for now. Enjoy the show.
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