Arbitrary Randomness
Monday, November 08, 2004
Here is a good time killer. You pick a sit-com character, and then answer yes/no questions (answer 'no' if you don't know the answer), and it will guess who you are. I've done it a few times, and sometimes it got it in about 10 questions, some took longer.... I didn't count, but it seemed to be around 30 or so. So far it guessed right when I picked Joey Tribianni(sp?), Kelly Kaposki(sp?), Molly Hudson, and Frank Dreben. Put in the comments who you were, and if it got it right or wrong.... I'm still trying to stump it without picking a real obscure character.
Oh my gosh.... I just did Vicky from "Small Wonder" (an old tv show from the 80s where the girl was a robot that the dad invented or something like that). Anyway, not only was I surprised that it was guessed, it told me that I was like the 989th person to pick her!!!!
Wow.... Murray from Mad About You.... got it in about 20-30 questions....maybe more(I keep forgetting to count). I was the 8th person to pick Murray.
Small wonder, that's awesome! I did Carla Tortelli (9th), Jim from According to Jim, Cliff Clavin, and Fonzie
I was the 85th person to pick Vera Peterson, and the 20th to pick Eldin from Murphy Brown.
I was the 205th person to pick issac from sports night!!
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