Arbitrary Randomness
Thursday, October 14, 2004
I got a sunburn at the football game last weekend. I was looking online for suggestions to dealing with the inconvenience, even though it's almost gone, just some peeling that needs to go, but I'm resisting the urge to pick at it (what is with the urge to pick at stuff like sunburns and scabs... or am I just strange that way.... I know I'm strange, but does this make it worse?)

Anywho, I came across this one article with the following suggestions:

- Resist the temptation and don't pick at the skin. Allow the dead skin sheets to detach on their own.
- Remove detached skin carefully and slowly. Don't rip skin sheets off or you risk removing more skin than you intended.
- Apply antiseptic cream to the newly revealed skin to reduce the risk of infection.
- Consider covering up with clothing to stop other people from picking at your peeling skin.

OK, so according the the first suggestion, I'm not supposed to peel away the dead skin, and let it come off on it's own. Then the second suggestion tells me to remove it carefully.... Huh?

But the one that really gets me is the last one. Now I can't really cover my forehead that easily, but who goes up to other people and picks there sunburnt skin?!?!?!
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