Arbitrary Randomness
Monday, October 04, 2004
Being a numbers guy, one would think that I would be totally into baseball, with all the statistical numbers it seems to have. Moreso than any other sport, it seems like baseball has statistical numbers coming out of its ears (does a baseball have ears?).

What's odd, is not only do I have a hard time getting into baseball (don't get me wrong, I follow how the local team is doing, and watch parts of games to catch the score), but all the statistics seem to drive me away more. Sometimes it seems like they make up more statistics just to have more numbers to throw at you. Can you imagine if they had the same stats in other sports? We would know the completion percentage of every QB against a 3-4 vs 4-3, when the defense blitzes, when the defense is in a zone, QBs INTs when throwing Hail Mary's at the end of a half/game, # of receptions of a WR when facing a left-handed corner, stats vs a corner that is 1-3/4-5/6+ inches shorter, number of yards the RB gets when he has a full back blocking, number of yards gained when in a 3 WR set, the number of times a WR/RB was tackled by a "touchdown saving tackle" (that's for you, Russ)....

I'm glad there aren't all those stats, or else I would overthink my fantasy team every week. Although I do wish I knew how many points Chauncey Billips would score if he took all the shots, during day games, on courts that are on top of Ice Rinks vs left-handed defenders. As strange as that sounds, is it any different than knowing the RC27, during night games, on turf, vs LHP? (all stats that are kept track of for baseball).

OK, I'm done...... for now.
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