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Friday, October 29, 2004
One year, three months, seven days

In the 1995 NBA Draft, Detroit drafted Theo Ratliff at #18. What I find interesting is that Detroit has had on their roster the first 4 picks from that draft (Joe Smith, Antonio Mcdyess, Jerry Stackhouse, and Rasheed Wallace). They have also had on their roster #13 pick Corliss Williamson and #17 pick Bob Sura.
Is the nation really divided by the election, or is it that neither candidate is all that appealing (to swing/independent voters) that people are "settling" on both sides?
Thursday, October 28, 2004
While watching the end of The West Wing last night (don't worry, Russ, I won't spoil it in case you haven't seen it yet), I had this feeling that I was envisioning a motorcycle and a tank of sharks.
Wednesday, October 27, 2004
I've been clicking that "Next Blog" thingy at the top right of blogs, and reading some random blogs. What I don't understand is the mixed-case thing. Is there anything more annoying than trying to read something with random capital/lowercase letters. in cAsE YoU doN't KnOw wHAt i'M tALkiNg aBouT, It lOOkS soMEtHiNg lIkE tHIs. i jUsT doN't gET iT bECauSe iT taKeS mUCh loNgEr tO tYpE, aNd is A PaIn iN thE aRse tO rEaD.
I was looking at some of my posts, and I posted a bunch of words in hope to get some hits on people searching for those topics. I don't think any of them worked. Oh well.

Also, I asked for someone to convince me who I should vote for, and no one has even attempted yet. I guess I have to make my decision on my own.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004
The phrase "I'll tell you what...." really doesn't make much sense when you look at just those words.
I find this story a bit humorous.... well, not the story itself. It's about the oldest man alive and how he's a Red Sox fan. The part I find humorous is that it states that he "retired as a railway postal clerk in 1957." He retired almost 50 years ago, and he was 67 at the time. For some reason, that makes me laugh.
Monday, October 25, 2004
I'm still rooting for the undefeated Philly/NE Superbowl. I wonder if it has ever happened in sport, where two teams have gone into the championship game undefeated. Anyone? Anyone?
I like the new look, but it's basically the template that I used. I need to put my own stamp on it, but I just haven't figure out what that is yet. I will probably try a few things out in the next few weeks... not that you give a rip.
Thursday, October 21, 2004
I find it humorous when watching baseball games on tv when a pitch is thrown, and the ump calls it a ball or strike (whichever is the opposite of what the home town fans want) and the crowd boos at the call. True there are some seats where one my have a good angle to tell whether the pitch was a ball or strike, but I would have to guess that in 95% (maybe more) of the seats, there is no way of telling if any single pitch is a ball or strike (unless it's way off). It just makes me laugh when thousands of people start booing about something they have no clue about. Then again, I comment all the time on things I have no clue about.
This product should be illegal, and people who use them should be sent to prison for life. I can see this getting way out of hand. Why would anyone want to turn it off?!?!?!?
Tuesday, October 19, 2004
Trade deadline day in the NFL.... Usually comes and goes without too much mention. Mid season moves in the NFL aren't all that common, but for some reason there are many potential moves being talked about. Jerry Rice to Seattle has already happened (barring something happening with his physical), Keenan McCardell, Brad Johnson, Larry Johnson, Quinten Griffith, Chris Hovan.... all big names being talked about in trade. I wonder why so much this year, or maybe I've just been oblivious to it in past years.
Monday, October 18, 2004
As they continue to tweak the BCS formula, is it just me, or does it keep getting closer and closer to the way we had it before.....the average of the two polls.
We now have our last team without a win... Miami. Still three undefeateds.... I wonder if we'll have two going into the Super Bowl. That would be pretty impressive, and would have to be the most watched Super Bowl ever... even without Janet Jackson. That's what I'm rooting for the rest of the season.
Thursday, October 14, 2004
Random thought of the day:

I've never been on a cruise. I've never seen a cruise ship in person. I know they are massive structures, but for some reason, I can't grasp the concept of how large it is. I know what I am picturing is too small, because I know that they contain pools, basketball courts, tennis courts, movie theaters, etc. But for some reason, I just can't picture the size of it.
My wife and I went to the grocery store to pick up a few things that were needed prior to our weekly shopping trip. With about 5 items in hand, we went to the UScan, or wait, it was Farmer Jack, I think they are called "Express yourself" or something like that. Anyway, after scanning all our items, one of them being chocolate soy milk, our receipt spit out of the receipt printer, and something spit out of the coupon printer. It wasn't a coupon at all. It was an advertisement for soy milk (not sure if it was the one we purchased or a different brand). My wife looked at it, looked at me and said, "A crummy commercial?.... Son of a bitch!"
I heard who won the Last Comic Standing. It will air on Comedy Central Saturday night. If you want to know who won the big prize, email me, and I will think about letting you know. I read it on the Internet, so it must be true (it was on the good internets, not the bad ones).
I got a sunburn at the football game last weekend. I was looking online for suggestions to dealing with the inconvenience, even though it's almost gone, just some peeling that needs to go, but I'm resisting the urge to pick at it (what is with the urge to pick at stuff like sunburns and scabs... or am I just strange that way.... I know I'm strange, but does this make it worse?)

Anywho, I came across this one article with the following suggestions:

- Resist the temptation and don't pick at the skin. Allow the dead skin sheets to detach on their own.
- Remove detached skin carefully and slowly. Don't rip skin sheets off or you risk removing more skin than you intended.
- Apply antiseptic cream to the newly revealed skin to reduce the risk of infection.
- Consider covering up with clothing to stop other people from picking at your peeling skin.

OK, so according the the first suggestion, I'm not supposed to peel away the dead skin, and let it come off on it's own. Then the second suggestion tells me to remove it carefully.... Huh?

But the one that really gets me is the last one. Now I can't really cover my forehead that easily, but who goes up to other people and picks there sunburnt skin?!?!?!
From an article regarding University of Pitt's football coach:

Pitt athletic director Jeff Long neither defended football coach Walt Harris yesterday nor gave him a vote confidence despite rampant reports and speculation that Harris' job is in jeopardy.

ummm..... what's the difference between giving a vote of confidence and defending him? Isn't that the same thing? Isn't that like saying, "He didn't say no, nor give a negative response"? Maybe it was just a typo.
Wednesday, October 13, 2004
There is a street a few miles from where I live called Atkins. I've been wanting to go and hang a loaf of bread from the sign.
On "The Big Show" yesterday, Art and Doug were talking about whether or not they were rooting for the Red Sox. Art was arguing that he's sick and tired of all the press that the Red Sox get, and their history and tradition. I think that the Red Sox get the most publicity by the fact that it has been so long since they have won a championship, and the "curse". I think that if they do in fact win the World Series, in the long run would help Art's case of them getting publicity than it would if they continued to lose.
I had predicted that Father of the Pride would be the first new show to be cancelled this year. Apparently I was wrong. Last Comic Standing has been sort of cancelled with just one episode left (the final episode will air on Comedy Central). Instead of showing the results show of the final voting, NBC last night had a Father of the Pride "marathon" (since when is 3 episodes a marathon?). This season of Last Comic Standing wasn't the greatest, but I thought it was decent enough. One would have thought they could have at least made a half hour show to let us know the final results.
Tuesday, October 12, 2004
"non-star card with one left over"

If anyone has played a game where they have said that, please let me know. I think my family might be the only family who has this game.
If you know the answer to the following, please email me or use the tagboard, because I'm curious.

If you donate blood, will that lower your cholesterol? My first thought was no, but then as I thought about it, you are taking blood (with cholesterol) out of your body, and your body is going to produce new blood to replace it. Won't that new blood be free of cholesterol? Now granted, if you continue the same eating habits, the cholesterol would become the same, but say you were starting to reduce the amount of cholesterol that you took into your body. Wouldn't the net result of donating blood and producing new blood result in having lower cholesterol without the donation?
Monday, October 11, 2004
I need to make a correction to a previous post about Zingers. I wrote that they were a Hostess product, but they are actually Dolly Madison. But I think they are the same company or are sister companies. How come it's never brother companies, it's always sister companies, or sister stations.

When I typed Hostess, I was reminded of the "Hoster" story (ok, so only Bill might remember that one).
Note to self: You can get sunburn in October.
So long, Superman.
I saw an Art Van commercial this morning, advertising their "Factory Authorized" mattress sale. Why would one care if a sale is Factory Authorized? If I'm getting $100 off, am I not going to accept it if it isn't factory authorized? Or am I going to be more likely to get $100 off from a factory authorized sale rather than $100 off a non-factory authorized sale?
We're down to 3 undefeateds, and 2 defeateds. I'm sticking with my original choice of Philly for the last of the undefeateds, one reason being that I'm sticking with my original so I'm not considered a flip-flopper. The other reason is that NE and NYJ will play each other soon, so one of them will drop (or I suppose they could tie). My choice of SF to be the last team to win has won, so I'm wrong there, and I shall move to my second choice of Miami. We will know that result next week, as the last to winless team face off against each other.
Friday, October 08, 2004
Asked whether he was having any luck finding a team interested in trading for unwanted Knicks G/F Shandon Anderson, Isiah Thomas replied, "In order to answer that question honestly, I'd have to lie to you."
Thursday, October 07, 2004
NBC just announced that they will be adding a 5 second delay on their NASCAR broadcast (I think that was the first time I mentioned NASCAR on this blog, and I hope it's the last, except for me mentioning it again in this sentence). There have been delays added to many sporting events recently since certain things have been seen or heard, that shouldn't have been.

I always thought that live TV was on a time delay. And what's the big deal? What does it matter if you see something 5 seconds after it happens? Is it really that big of a deal?
Well, it took me 12 years, 4 months, and 25 days since I've been eligble, but I finally did it. I gave blood today. I have meant to give blood ever since I turned 18 and became eligible to give. And I've always come up with some excuse to avoid doing it. A few weeks ago, a sign up sheet went around work, and I signed up, thinking, "if I sign up, I won't back out this time." Even though that little reminder card didn't hold me to it, and I could have backed out at any time.

So I remembered and forgot about it on and off this past week, and then totally forgot about it today until I went to lunch (my appointment was at 1:45) and saw the blood drive stuff in the cafeteria, and thought to myself, "oh crap, I have less than 2 hours to worry about this." I was a bit nervous going in, but what made it worse is that while waiting to take my questionairre, someone at the cookies and juice table fainted. Well that made me a little more nervous. I know nothing about blood pressures, but mine was 120/96, and she asked if I was nervous, cuz it was a bit high. I'm not sure how high that is. The last time I had a physical (about 5 or 6 years ago) I was told it was on the high side. That reminds me, I need to get a physical one of these days.

Anyway, I know it's not a huge (or as Donald would say..."Uuuuge") thing that I did it, since people do it everyday... well, not the same person everyday, because you have to wait 56 days inbetween. But I'm glad that I've done it, know that I can do it, and will do it again.... hopefully every 2 months or so.

But I'm happy, I got my sticker, so be nice.
My "Last Comic Standing" post of the week.... I think it will be either Dave Morell or Alonzo Bolden. I haven't decided which. What I like about each of them is that I don't think either of them has repeated any jokes throughout the competition.

Is it the weekend yet?
Wednesday, October 06, 2004
Zingers don't get the credit they deserve. Usually when one thinks of Hostess, they think of Twinkies and King Don (formerly Ding Dongs). Ho-Hos and Cupcakes, and fruit pies. One item that rarely gets mentioned with the rest is Zingers.

If you haven't had a Zinger before, they come in a few different varieties, but my favorite are the yellow ones. It's basically a twinkie with icing on top. I had forgotten about Zingers until recently, and I had to think to myself, why would you want a Twinkie if you could have this? It's a twinkie with icing. What's not good with icing??

If you haven't had a zinger before, go out and reward yourself and have one.
Last night, during the debate, John Edwards said, "The American people saw John Kerry on Thursday night. They don't need the vice president or the president to tell them what they saw." and then proceeded to tell us what we saw.

I give credit to the Vice President. When he was done sharing his thoughts, he stopped talking. He didn't continue blabbing until his time was up. Most times, he did use all of his alloted time, but there were a few instances where he was done saying what he needed to answer the question, and stopped.

I still don't know who I am voting for yet.
Tuesday, October 05, 2004
Maybe i'm not watching enough tv lately, but I can't recall seeing any 10 10 220 commercials recently. Or 10 10 anything commercials for that matter.
Horatio Sans cracks me up. When he was doing Elton John on Weekend Update, for some reason, I couldn't stop laughing when he pointed to the camera with one hand, and then pretended to keep playing the piano with the other hand. I guess you had to see it.

Monday, October 04, 2004
I thought this was funny.
Being a numbers guy, one would think that I would be totally into baseball, with all the statistical numbers it seems to have. Moreso than any other sport, it seems like baseball has statistical numbers coming out of its ears (does a baseball have ears?).

What's odd, is not only do I have a hard time getting into baseball (don't get me wrong, I follow how the local team is doing, and watch parts of games to catch the score), but all the statistics seem to drive me away more. Sometimes it seems like they make up more statistics just to have more numbers to throw at you. Can you imagine if they had the same stats in other sports? We would know the completion percentage of every QB against a 3-4 vs 4-3, when the defense blitzes, when the defense is in a zone, QBs INTs when throwing Hail Mary's at the end of a half/game, # of receptions of a WR when facing a left-handed corner, stats vs a corner that is 1-3/4-5/6+ inches shorter, number of yards the RB gets when he has a full back blocking, number of yards gained when in a 3 WR set, the number of times a WR/RB was tackled by a "touchdown saving tackle" (that's for you, Russ)....

I'm glad there aren't all those stats, or else I would overthink my fantasy team every week. Although I do wish I knew how many points Chauncey Billips would score if he took all the shots, during day games, on courts that are on top of Ice Rinks vs left-handed defenders. As strange as that sounds, is it any different than knowing the RC27, during night games, on turf, vs LHP? (all stats that are kept track of for baseball).

OK, I'm done...... for now.
I know I've complained about this many of times, but I still hear it over and over again. News anchors continue to refer to the President as "Mr. Bush" instead of "President Bush". I've have yet to hear Senator Kerry referred to as "Mr. Kerry". I'm not saying it hasn't happened, but I haven't heard it. Someone please explain this to me.
I was watching the news last night, and they were talking about Mount Saint Helens, and they said, "Experts predict that it could erupt at any time."

Is that really a prediction? The only way they are going to be wrong is that if it doesn't erupt ever again for the rest of time. Are there people out there getting paid for making these predictions? I find out once again that I am in the wrong business.
Jax fell from the list of unbeatens. KC has a chance to get out of the beatens tonight. I'm sticking with my original choices of Philadelphia and SF as the last of the unbeatens and beatens. My second place choices are NE and Miami.

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