Arbitrary Randomness
Friday, September 17, 2004
I keep forgetting to ask someone, but at the end of the OSU/Marshall game last week, shouldn't the clock have started when the ball was marked after the penalty to OSU late in the game, instead of starting when the ball was snapped? In essense, they were rewarded for the penalty.

Which reminds me, I forget which game it was last weekend, but some team was "penalized" for intentional grounding..... there really is no penalty for intentional grounding... the ball is marked where the QB threw the ball, and they lose the down.... as opposed to if they were sacked, the ball would have been marked in the same place (or possibly even further back) and a loss of down. I know I've complained about this before, but one of these times, someone who can do something will listen (yeah right). With the fact that there is not really a penalty, I'm kind of surprised we don't see more intentional grounding calls. (I will save you from my "not catchable/pass interference" arguement).

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