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Monday, September 20, 2004
After 2 weeks, we are down to 8 undefeated teams.... will be 7 after the monday night game. Who will be the last one standing? You will decide (ok, you won't, but it was sounding a little close to the "Last Comic Standing" intro).

I forget who made it the furthest last year, but I remember last year having a similar post about this after week 2 or 3, and making a comment about how I thought that Carolina would be the first to drop off the list. I don't recall how long they made it being undefeated, but they had a pretty good year.

Now I am posing two questions to myself.... one, who will be the last team to lose, and two, who will go furthest in the playoffs. New England is the favorite, and Jacksonville is being talked about as "this year's Carolina". Seattle is another popular pick. Seattle has been impressive winning the first two games on the road, and have a favoarable home schedule down the stretch in December, but that doesn't always translate to success. I would pick as my favorites to go furthest in the playoffs to be Seattle, Minnesota, New England, and Philadelphia. Being that New England is the only AFC team I picked, I will pick a Super Bowl of New England and Phily. But who will be the last team for the "Perfect Dolphins" team to worry about?

Here's my take on each team.... New England's fate will be decided in mid October when they have back to back games against Seattle and NYJ, both at home. NYJ will be tested on that same game at NE. Jacksonville has a tough route the next two weeks at Tennessee and at home against Indy... I'm eliminating Jacksonville from the race. If Phily gets by Minnesota tonight, they have two very winnable road games at Detroit and Chicago before going into a bye week. I just don't see Detroit getting by Phily next week, but if they do, at Atlanta after their bye will be tough. I have a bias toward Minnesota, but I see tonight's game being their big test until later in October. I see tonight's game as being even, but giving the edge to Phily as they are at home. This could be a preview of the NFC Championship. It's hard to judge teams after just two weeks, but my gut is telling me if they can get by at Carolina in two weeks, they are good until the end of October with back to back games against AFC West's KC and Denver. Seattle has to go to NE in a couple of weeks. I see this as another even matchup as with Philly and Minnesota. I give the edge to NE being at home.

After a lot of babbling that no one cares about, I'm picking Philly as the last team to lose their first game. That being said, if New England does make it to 8-0, that Dolphins team might have to pack those cigars up that they light every year, and send them to Foxboro.
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