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Thursday, September 30, 2004
Not that my posts were great before, but they have seemed to be pretty lame lately. I'm not sure what I'm going for in my posts, but there's not much to them. Oh well, you're still reading.... all two of you, and the occasional person who comes hear searching for Patricia Heaton nude, or Jennifer Garner nude, or Christopher Walken Cowbell skit, or even Spongebob nude or clothed. To those people, I'm sorry to disappoint you.
I've never been a fish person.... that is eating fish. I have some weird foods that I don't like, mostly because it's not the taste that bothers me as much as the texture. Fish is one of them. I haven't tried a lot of fish, but pretty much every time I do try it, I don't really enjoy it. In an effort to be healthier, I thought that I should try to start eating fish occasionally. Even if I didn't like it, I knew it was good for me.

A few months ago, we had fish sticks, and breaded fillets (the kind you buy frozen in a box from Gorton's or some brand like that). It wasn't bad, but my wife has told me that it's not really eating fish.... better than I was before, but not really getting the benefits.

I haven't hand anything fish related since, until this week, we tried tuna steaks. To my surprise, I actually enjoyed it. Not that I would choose it over beef, but it was good. I think most of my surprise was the texture. The meat was more meaty than fishy in texture.

I think tuna is now going to make it into the rotation. I'll have to try salmon now, and see if that is any good.
Wednesday, September 29, 2004
I've read on a website that the season premiere for The West Wing isn't until October 20th. Why do I have to wait so long?!?!?!!?
Whooooooooooppppppppppiiiiiiiiieeeeeeee, a ZEPPELIN
Based on last night's "Last Comic Standing", I think the two people that will advance are Alonzo Boldin and Rich Vos. Not that they were awesome, but the others weren't that great.
Getting back to something I mentioned the other day, Milwaukee Bucks and Minnesota Timberwolves..... That's another combination of teams that I sometime mix the two up for some reason. I'm not sure why.
Tuesday, September 28, 2004
Random movie quote that popped in my head today:

"Mayor GOLDIE Wilson .... I like the sound of that."
Monday, September 27, 2004
I thought WDIV's news during the Ryder Cup was way too much, but the current "Dodge the Lodge" is just nuts. During the 20 minutes or so that I watched of the news this morning was all on the Lodge closing (with the exception of about 2 minutes on the weather), and all the alternate routes to take (even though they told us them about 80 times last week). They even had someone on location to show us that the bridge, was in fact, gone. And it wasn't just one of the on the street reporters, it was one of the two anchors. I just can't believe how much time they are putting into this. It's just a freeway closure, and it's just for 60 days. We do not care about the alternate routes that school buses are taking!!!!
While watching the Michigan game this weekend, I noticed that Brent Musberger is looking really old. I must not have been paying much attention over the last few years, but he just looked a lot older to me. I was amused by his comment about Chad Henne, and that in high school, in addition to being a quarterback, he also threw the javelin and shot put, and mentioned that it was an odd combination..... now I understand that the throwing motions for each are a bit different, but they are all throwing. Why is this an odd combination? What I would consider an odd combination is a 300 lb nose guard also running the 100 meter dash. There were probably more comments like that, but I tend to tune out Brent Musberger by the 2nd quarter.
Last Monday, I wrote about the battle of the last unbeaten team. Since then Philly has knocked off two of them (Minnesota and Detroit), and we are down to 6. No real changes on any of my thoughts on this, but let's look at the other end of the spectrum.

Who will be the last team to win a game? Buffalo, Miami, Kansas City, Tampa Bay, Arizona, and San Francisco are the six winless teams so far this season. I find this a difficult task because in the next three or four weeks, there are a lot of these teams playing each other, so it should sort itself out quickly. It's no surprise that I'm going to say that the biggest surprise of these six teams is Kansas City. I don't see this lasting long for them, since they have so many offensive weapons. It'll turn around one of these weeks. San Fran has Arizona at home in week 5, and if they don't win that, they could have trouble winning before Thanksgiving. The problem with Arizona's winnable games in the coming weeks are that they are on the road, so they will have to upset a team at home, or win on the road. Their defense has seemed to keep their opponents scores low, which makes me think that the offense will get lucky one of these weeks and click to get the win. I'm not sure what's going on with Tampa Bay, but like I think that Vermeil will turn it around soon, so will Gruden. I don't have a specific game in mind that they will win, but it will be sooner rather than later. Buffalo and Miami both play New England and the Jets in the next two weeks before facing each other. Both will probably enter that game still winless.

After analyzing and studying the standings and schedules for a grueling 5 minutes (maybe closer to ten, since I don't type all that fast), it looks like it's going to come down to either San Francisco or the loser of the Buffalo/Miami game as to who will be the last to win. I'm going to go with San Fran, just because I've never been a firm believer in Dennis Erickson for some reason. I'm not sure why, but I haven't. Combine that with all the players they lost from last year, SF will be my pick.

Have I mentioned that I hate not being able to check my fantasy team at work?
Thursday, September 23, 2004
The random thoughts have been flowing today:

"Beer and pretzels, that's our game, C-H-E-R-S"
What if they ran the fall TV line-up like a reality show. They show you all the pilots, then everyone votes one off. The remaining shows would then have one week to produce another show. They could have 3 or 4 shows for each night of the week, and the winning show gets the open spot for that night.

My mind has been wandering a lot today.
I'm not sure why, but there are certain teams that I sometimes confuse... Carolina and Jacksonville, most likely because they came in the league together, and have similar team colors, and are both in that south-eastern area of the US. I usually remember the teams, I suppose, but usually forget which team is in which division. For some reason, I do that with the Miami Heat and the Atlanta Hawks. Perhaps it's the similar colors again. I realized this when I was reading up on some NBA news, and heard that Kevin Willis was returing to the Hawks, and thought he was going to be backing up Shaq. Then I read that Ron Rothstein was returning to the Miami Heat as an assistant coach, and read that Jon Barry was returning to the Hawks, and I thought, wow, the Hawks are going to be bringing back 3 people from their past... but it's only 2, not three.

I'm trying to think if I do that with any other teams, but can't think of any right now.

For some reason I just thought of this... while studying once in a library at school, I saw this written on a desk:

1 + 1 = 3 for extremely large values of 1

that still makes me chuckle.
I don't read all that much. It's not that I don't enjoy it, but when faced with a decision of watching TV or reading, I will usually pick watching TV. When looking at the books that I've read over the last few years (and there haven't been that many), the majority of them have been kids books. I have read The Juror(I forget the author), The Client(John Grisham), and The Partner(Grisham). I have listened to audio books for On the Street Where They Live (I think that's the name of it... it's a mary higgins clarke book) and The Summons(Grisham). Outside of that, I have read Harry Potter (Read the 2nd one, and listened to audio books of 1-4), and books 1-5 of Lemony Snicket's "A Series of Unfortunate Events". I am currently reading "Book the Sixth" (as he counts them). I have the books through the most recent (book the tenth) as well as "Holes" on my list of books to read in the near future, as well as Lemony Snicket's unauthorized biography.

I don't really have a point here. I thought I did when I started typing, but I don't know what it is now.
Wednesday, September 22, 2004
I wonder if, after being pulled over by a cop, has tried saying, "These aren't the droids you're looking for"
my current tv watchings....
Monday: Raymond, Two and a Half Men, MNF
Tuesday: Last Comic Standing, Scrubs
Wednesday: When is The West Wing coming back?
Thursday: Joey, Will and Grace, Apprentice

None of the new shows have grabbed my attention yet (except Joey), and I forgot to watch the Jason Alexander as Tony Kornheiser show. Was it any good?
Based on the performances last night on Last Comic Standing, I think the two people who will be left will be Dave Mordell from Season 1, and John Heffron from Season 2. And I think Season 2 will continue it's streak and win again.
Tuesday, September 21, 2004
I feel very weird.... here it is, Tuesday morning, and I have no idea how I did in either of my fantasy leagues this year. I was so busy over the weekend, and yesterday that I haven't had a chance to check up on my team, and unfortunately, I can't get to the sites from work.

I know that McAllister is hurt, and I haven't had a chance to check the waiver wire to see if anyone is worthy of picking up. There is probably not anyone now, as the pickings are probably slim by now.

Well, my pick of Philly being the last undefeated standing survived last night... We'll see how I do going forward with that pick.

Yeah, I know, the comments are still screwed up.
Monday, September 20, 2004
Football announcers/coaches/players always talk about how important special teams are. If it is so important, why don't they put the best players on special teams?
Tonight's Monday Night Football game is being hyped as the "head-to-head" battle between Owens and Moss. How exactly is it "head-to-head" when they aren't no the field at the same time? It's kind of like when they talk about pitchers in baseball going against each other. I can understand it a little bit with the pitchers, because it is who can hold the other team to a lower score, but I wouldn't consider that head-to-head.
OK, I don't think the comments are working properly. I don't have the time to fix it now, but give it a try and see if it works for you.
[start the "Welcome Back, Kotter" music]

Welcome back comments... well, I stumbled upon the fact that blogger itself offers comments now, so I enabled them. Feel free to comment away. It doesn't appear to be as simplistic as other comments, but I think it works. If it doesn't work, put a comment in that lets me know.
After 2 weeks, we are down to 8 undefeated teams.... will be 7 after the monday night game. Who will be the last one standing? You will decide (ok, you won't, but it was sounding a little close to the "Last Comic Standing" intro).

I forget who made it the furthest last year, but I remember last year having a similar post about this after week 2 or 3, and making a comment about how I thought that Carolina would be the first to drop off the list. I don't recall how long they made it being undefeated, but they had a pretty good year.

Now I am posing two questions to myself.... one, who will be the last team to lose, and two, who will go furthest in the playoffs. New England is the favorite, and Jacksonville is being talked about as "this year's Carolina". Seattle is another popular pick. Seattle has been impressive winning the first two games on the road, and have a favoarable home schedule down the stretch in December, but that doesn't always translate to success. I would pick as my favorites to go furthest in the playoffs to be Seattle, Minnesota, New England, and Philadelphia. Being that New England is the only AFC team I picked, I will pick a Super Bowl of New England and Phily. But who will be the last team for the "Perfect Dolphins" team to worry about?

Here's my take on each team.... New England's fate will be decided in mid October when they have back to back games against Seattle and NYJ, both at home. NYJ will be tested on that same game at NE. Jacksonville has a tough route the next two weeks at Tennessee and at home against Indy... I'm eliminating Jacksonville from the race. If Phily gets by Minnesota tonight, they have two very winnable road games at Detroit and Chicago before going into a bye week. I just don't see Detroit getting by Phily next week, but if they do, at Atlanta after their bye will be tough. I have a bias toward Minnesota, but I see tonight's game being their big test until later in October. I see tonight's game as being even, but giving the edge to Phily as they are at home. This could be a preview of the NFC Championship. It's hard to judge teams after just two weeks, but my gut is telling me if they can get by at Carolina in two weeks, they are good until the end of October with back to back games against AFC West's KC and Denver. Seattle has to go to NE in a couple of weeks. I see this as another even matchup as with Philly and Minnesota. I give the edge to NE being at home.

After a lot of babbling that no one cares about, I'm picking Philly as the last team to lose their first game. That being said, if New England does make it to 8-0, that Dolphins team might have to pack those cigars up that they light every year, and send them to Foxboro.
Apparently, whoever wrote the title for this article doesn't understand the term SWEEP.

Friday, September 17, 2004
I keep forgetting to ask someone, but at the end of the OSU/Marshall game last week, shouldn't the clock have started when the ball was marked after the penalty to OSU late in the game, instead of starting when the ball was snapped? In essense, they were rewarded for the penalty.

Which reminds me, I forget which game it was last weekend, but some team was "penalized" for intentional grounding..... there really is no penalty for intentional grounding... the ball is marked where the QB threw the ball, and they lose the down.... as opposed to if they were sacked, the ball would have been marked in the same place (or possibly even further back) and a loss of down. I know I've complained about this before, but one of these times, someone who can do something will listen (yeah right). With the fact that there is not really a penalty, I'm kind of surprised we don't see more intentional grounding calls. (I will save you from my "not catchable/pass interference" arguement).

Thursday, September 16, 2004
I just heard someone whistling "Hail to the Chief", and the line popped in my head, "Hail to the Chief, he's the one we all say 'Hail' to"... from the movie "Dave" I think, although it has a touch of Homer's voice when I say it in my head.

Use the tagboard to the left to convice me who I should vote for, for President in November..... I'm really looking for arguements for Senator Kerry or President Bush, but creative responses will be accepted as well.

Day one of trying to get more hits from putting popular words in a post did not work.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004
Last October, I had 400 hits. Last month I had 100. probably due to lack of posting, or lack of posting interesting topics (did I ever post anything interesting?).

As a test to see if word of current topics spur more hits, I list the following:

Oprah free cars, presidential election, John Kerry, George Bush, Economy, Fantasy Football, Last Comic Standing, Monday Night Football, Everybody Loves Raymond final season, Joey spinoff Friends, The West Wing, Hurricane Ivan, New Orleans, Florida, Ken Jennings, Ryder Cup, Oakland Hills, Cheese, Feta, Gouda, Cheddar, Monterrey Jack, Guyerre, Colby, Mozzerella, Fontina.... sorry, got carried away.

I'm just curious if I will get any hits from some weird search like "John Kerry eats cheese while watching Joey and playing fantasy football during Hurricane Ivan"

By the way, if you've read any of Lemony Snicket's "A Series of Unfortunate Events" books, give the following number a call for a message from Mr. Snicket.... 1-866-MY ARROW (1-866-692-7769) about his new book "Slippery Slope" (book the tenth in the series).

if you read this, drop a note on the tag board over there to the left. Just curious if anyone stops by here. Thanks.

I found this line from an article about Hurricane Ivan hitting New Orleans a bit humorous:

In the quarter's historic Jackson Square, fortune tellers and artists complained that business had all but dried up.

First of all, shouldn't the fortune tellers been able to see it coming? And the fact that they used the phrase "dried up", when in a few days the city could be under FEET of water was a bit ironic, dontcha think? It's like ra......nevermind

Tuesday, September 14, 2004
Apparently, there is some golf tournament going on in the area . It's a good thing that they mention it about 80 bazillion times a day to remind us (end sarcasm).

wow, I've been pretty lazy here... it's been awhile since I've posted. I'll try and get better at it in case anyone still looks here.

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