Arbitrary Randomness
Wednesday, July 28, 2004
I haven't seen all the previews yet for the new fall shows, but based on what I've seen so far, I think Father of the Pride will be the first to get axed.

I suppose I should do some searching first, but did that Thursday show "Come to Papa" or something like that already get cancelled?  It wasn't all that funny the little bit of it that I saw.  I wonder if when they cancelled it, the guy said, "who the?, what the?"

Sometimes I wonder if people understand technology.  Yesterday, I had a guy call me and send me an email within a minute of each other, both stating the same thing.

This morning, I come in to find an email from a guy, but after he emailed me, he printed off the email, and faxed it to me.

It still cracks me up when people say that they have a "stack of emails to go through" and they literally mean a stack, because they print off their emails.  I'm not saying that I don't print off emails.  I do, for reference, or to make a note on it or something like that, but there are people who have a regular practice of printing out their emails to read them.

I'll never understand people.

Monday, July 19, 2004
On Jamie and Brady (and Shep Shep Shep) this morning, they were briefly talking about who the most famous person that graduated from their high school was.  It got me to thinking if there was anyone famous to come out of Athens High School.  I know there was a guy who one a Detroit area singing show about 15 years ago... maybe more, but I don't know of anyone nationally.  We graduated (well, I don't know, did she graduate?) with a girl that's been a some movies and TV shows, but if you were to mention her name, the average person wouldn't know who she was.  I know Robin Williams had some ties to Troy (I want to say that he went to middle schoold for a year or something in Troy).  That's about all I could come up with this morning.  Anyone else think of anyone famous from AHS?

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