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Monday, May 03, 2004
DISCOVER how secure some credit card companies are. We have been living in our house for over 2.5 years now. In those 2.5 years, we have received various mail from previous owners (not just the ones before us). Mostly junk mail. In the first month or so, we did receive some important looking stuff, and saved it in a pile and called up the previous owners and had them come pick it up from us (and they seemed like we were inconveniencing them by giving them their mail). Anywho, in the past 2 years, we haven't really received all that much, and nothing that looked important, like say a credit card bill. Last week, when going through the mail, I DISCOVERed a piece a mail that I opened up, thinking it was one of the numerous credit card applications that we get in any given week. When I opened the envelop from the credit card company, I DISCOVERed that there were actual credit cards in them. I looked closer and I DISCOVERed that they were of the previous owners. I can't figure out why they would send new credit cards to an address that they did not send a bill to in the last 2 years. Maybe if I did some research, I would DISCOVER that this credit card company may be related to A TTelephone company that I've had problems with doing weird stuff after two years.

Out of the kindness of my heart, I called up the credit card company to let them know what happened. True, I could have researched to find the previous owners information, and try and get in touch with them to get them their credit cards, but I took the less work way, and just called up the company. The lady on the phone was nice, and she was probably reading from company policy, so I'm not blaming her in the least, but she said that she would like me to cut up the credit cards and mail them back to the credit card company. I know that 37 cents isn't a lot of money, but I'm already going out of my way to make sure these credit cards don't get into the wrong hands, and now they want me to fork over some of my own money to send them back?

We DISCOVERed that this credit card company wasn't the greatest about a year ago when they called my wife, and my wife just asked for them to send us information, and they opened an account and sent us cards. We cut up the cards, and called back to cancel the account, only to DISCOVER that it wasn't cancelled, because they called and had some special offer for current card members.

On a related note, I still have yet to receive a letter from A TTelephone company that they promised in 7-10 days.... i'm not sure if that was 7-10 days, or 7-10 business days, but today is the 9th day, and the 6th business day. Although if I called them on a Saturday, wouldn't Saturday count as a business day, since they answered the phone?

It's amazing the things you can DISCOVER about credit card companies, and A TTelephone company, with out actually naming them = )
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