Arbitrary Randomness
Monday, April 19, 2004
Something else I just don't get.... Hang ups on answering machines/voicemail. I'm not talking about the people who hang up when they hear the machine pick up, I'm talking about the messages where you actually hear the hangup. This means that they called you, heard the machine/voicemail pick up, and THEN decide to hang up. Are they thinking "I'm gonna leave a message, I'm gonna leave a message, I'm gonna leave a message Oh no, what do I do now?". Maybe it's something like stage fright. When the big moment comes, they are like a deer in headlights and freeze, panic, then hang up. I get these a lot at work. Another thing I get a lot at work is people who call, don't leave a message, and then call back like 5 minutes later. Or the people who send an email and call to make sure i got the email, or call and leave a message, then send an email to make sure I got the voicemail. I can see if it's something really important, but not on the everyday stuff.

And another thing.... the people who call who basically just tell me what they did, and don't really need any information from me. Here's a bit of background... I receive requests through an automated system. People will call me to let me know that they have submitted a request.... Super, I will look at it when I get it through the automated system. And EVERYBODY'S request is "high priority", "put this at the top of your list". I'm sure there are instances where this is true, but everyones says that all the time.

And then there are those softball managers that make you pitch when the wind is going crazy..... Just kidding, Russ.

OK, i'm done venting ....... for now.
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