Arbitrary Randomness
Monday, April 26, 2004
I saw something very humorous to me this past weekend. a squirrel had been getting to our bird feeder. While I am all for feeding squirrels as well as birds, I don't want the squirrel eating all the bird seed and scaring away the birds. This year we added a suet cake cage hanging from the bird feeder. Since we hadn't seen the squirrel on the birdfeeder before, and the cage was the only thing we added, I assumed that it was somehow using that to get to the birdfeeder, although I found it hard to believe since it was still a good 3-4 feet above the ground.

Well yesterday, I witnessed it. I was quite impressed. The squirrel got under the birdfeeder, and leaped straight up in the air about 3-4 feet, and grabbed on the suet cage with it's front claws, and climbed up the chain onto the birdfeeder. That wasn't the humorous part. Once I saw for my own eyes that this was what he was doing, I moved the suet cage onto the chain that the birdfeeder hangs from, so that it's not hanging so low. I was hanging a curtain rod by the doorwall, so I was looking out there occasionally, and after I moved the suet cage, the squirrel came back. He got his way under the birdfeeder and was kind of looking up at it trying to figure out how to get up there, and then he leaped straight up in the air again, but since there was no suet cage to grab on to, he came right back down. It looked funny just seeing him jump up and down like that..... after reading this, it's not has humorous as actually seeing it, so I apologize for disappointing you.
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