Arbitrary Randomness
Wednesday, March 17, 2004
I need to start calling into sports talk shows..... I've realized lately that I've had what I think is an obvious view of an issue that no one is bringing up (at least not while I am listening). For instance, this morning on WDFN, Jaime and Brady (and Shep Shep Shep) were talking about the lack of people at the Michigan game last night, and whether it's just Michigan college basketball isn't as big as it was thought is just the University of Michigan, or the State of Michigan as a whole. I do think that the fan support for Michigan Basketball as a whole isn't the greatest, but I think there is a general "down-ness" on the program after the problems in recent years. I know these guys had nothing to do with the problems of Michigan Basketball, but I still think that there is some sort of healing process with the fans, and they will be back. As for last night specifically, I would think that not many people showed up because most people probably didn't know the details of the game until Monday. The fact that the weather made driving conditions poor, and the game didn't start until 9 PM had something to do with the low turnout. I know that's not addressing the general topic that they were talking about, but yesterday's attendance is what triggered the topic, and that's my fiftieth of a dollar.
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