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Wednesday, March 24, 2004
I mentioned a long time ago how A TTelephone company (that I will refrain from mentioning the name) that I had in the past had really sucky service. I forget all the details of the different things that happened, but I remember the last thing was that when the account was closed, there was like a $5 credit on the account. It took many months and numerous phone calls to get that resolved.

Yesterday, while flipping through the mail, I saw an envelope from A TTelephone company. A TTelephone company was sending me a bill for some new "Universal Charge Something-or-other". Please note that the account with A TTelephone company was closed over 2 years ago. It had a phone number to call about the charges. The number gave me an explanation on how this new charge was being charged by the FCC and A TTelephone company was choosing to pass the charge on to their customers. I understand that, but I am no longer a customer of A TTelephone company (well, I am a customer of a telephone company, but not A TTelephone company). So I call the general customer service number, and after about 5 minutes through an automated system which was no help, I get put on hold for the next available operator which should be available in about 10 minutes.

15 minutes later, I'm still on hold, and dinner is getting cold, so I hung up. I will call back again tonight, and fill you in on the details. I just don't see how A TTelephone company can charge me about $20 for an account that has been close for over 2 years.

Just a warning to all 3 of my readers that A TTelephone company sucks. Not all telephone companies, but A TTelephone company. Please let me know if you want to know the name of A TTelephone company, because I want everyone to be aware of A TTelephone company suckiness.

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