Arbitrary Randomness
Monday, February 23, 2004
For some odd reason, I have stuck in my head the old commercial for Rolling Stone magazine with Paul Shafer where at the end he does his little jingle, "just call this number on the telephone.... and get your subscription to ROLLING Stone"

anyone else remember that one?
Friday, February 20, 2004
There was a story on the news a week or three ago, and they were talking with the police department, and describing this new system that they had that they were going to target high crime areas.

Did they really not know this before? That they could find more crimes occuring in high crime areas?
The actress that played Mrs. Landingham was on episodes of Will and Grace and Yes, Dear in the past week.
Friday, February 06, 2004
I read an article today about some lady that had oil coming up her drains in Texas. This is part of the article:

"There was this black (ooze) coming out from my house. I thought, 'What have I left on? What has my son left on that's spilled over?"' LeTourneau told the local daily Longview News-Journal. She had moved into a rental home due to the oil spill and was not immediately available for comment.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that part in quotes a comment?
I'm worried that The West Wing won't be around next season.
Wednesday, February 04, 2004
Am I just not doing my duty (hee hee, duty) in watching enough TV, or has there been very little about the upcoming caucus in Michigan?
Tuesday, February 03, 2004
Is there a lot of good stuff on the other side of the Mississippi that I don't know about? Apparently, things on this side aren't nearly as good since stuff is always compared to stuff on this side, as opposed to the other side. Which makes me wonder, what area do they compare stuff to on the otherside?

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