Arbitrary Randomness
Monday, January 19, 2004
I'm curious as to what the result of the BCS would have if applied elsewhere. If you took the BCS and applied it to the NFL, who would be in the championship game? If you applied it the NCAA Basketball, who would the two lucky teams be? If you applied it to the Oscars, who would be the two nominees for best picture?

OK, so the last one doesn't make sense, but i'm curious who would be chosen to play in a championship game if the rules and computer rankings of the BCS were applied to the NFL and/or NCAA basketball. There has got to be someone out there with enough time on their hand, and the same curiosity as me, doesn't there?

I hope someone does this at some point, as I think it would make for an interesting analyzing of the BCS vs a playoff. So who has some extra time on their hands?
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