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Friday, January 30, 2004
Commenting on Steve Yzerman's 1702nd point (putting him in 6th place all time), Tomas Holmstrom said "I can't even count that much."

Speaking of hockey, I just overheard someone refer to "Brett Hull's Dad".
Thursday, January 29, 2004
to the right of my little compose window for blogger, there is a little checkbox for "Draft". Unfortunately, clicking it does not move time forward to August to the time of a fantasy football draft. Nor does it produce any beer.
NASA has had three space missions that have ended in tragedy.... all three days of the events were January 27th, January 28th, and February 1st. Maybe we should take the winter off from space travel.
Is it still football season?
Wednesday, January 28, 2004
sometimes headlines crack me up, like this one:

Higher rates on tap for water users

are there people out there who aren't water users? are there really people out there that are thinking to themselves, "phew.... thank goodness I'm not a water user. I feel bad for those water users that their rates are going up."
Tuesday, January 27, 2004
Who rides a bicycle to work when there's going to be a foot and a half of snow?
Monday, January 26, 2004
Does gas pump slower out of the pumps when it's cold outside, or does it just seem like it?
Dear Mr or Mrs Environmental Person,

I keep hearing about this global warming. When is it coming? Could you bring some by this way? It would be much appreciated. The air temperature over the weekend was below zero again.

Watching the Golden Globes last night, i was getting sick of the quick shots of people in the audience. It seemed like they were trying to get in as many shots of stars in the audience as possible, and it was making me sick when they would flash on four different people in a matter of seconds.
Friday, January 23, 2004
Hey, man. I'm trying, you know? But I had an open Pabst, and that's the way that goes.
Monday, January 19, 2004
I'm curious as to what the result of the BCS would have if applied elsewhere. If you took the BCS and applied it to the NFL, who would be in the championship game? If you applied it the NCAA Basketball, who would the two lucky teams be? If you applied it to the Oscars, who would be the two nominees for best picture?

OK, so the last one doesn't make sense, but i'm curious who would be chosen to play in a championship game if the rules and computer rankings of the BCS were applied to the NFL and/or NCAA basketball. There has got to be someone out there with enough time on their hand, and the same curiosity as me, doesn't there?

I hope someone does this at some point, as I think it would make for an interesting analyzing of the BCS vs a playoff. So who has some extra time on their hands?
Since I don't frequently see new movies in the movie theatre, I will take this opportunity to share my review of "Big Fish".

I thought it was good. It wasn't anything spectacular, but it was enjoyable. The 2 hour and 5 minute movie did not seem to drag on at all. I never looked at my watch wondering when it was going to end (although I was looking at my watch at 5:00, wondering when the 4:40 movie was going to start).

If you don't want to know what the movie is about, don't read on.... there aren't any spoilers here, but I do tell the plot. The story is about a guy who's father is dying. He and his father haven't got along much in recent years, and he goes back home to see him. His father used to tell him all these stories about his life, and it wasn't until he was in his 20s that the son realized that the stories he had been told all his life were probably ficticious.

The movie had a Forrest Gump-ish quality where a bunch of unusual things were happening to one person (although the Forrest Gump things were a bit more realistic). It was an enjoyable movie, but wouldn't say it's a "must see", but worth renting when it comes on video (or seeing in the theatre if you have money burning a whole in your pocket, or whatever that saying is). I'm not saying "Don't see this in the theatre", I just thought it was pretty good as opposed to excellent.
Friday, January 16, 2004
Global warming, my ass
Thursday, January 15, 2004
I know that I have complained about this before, but the national News is so New York biased..... apparently it's cold in New York, and they are getting snow.... ummmm... yeah, we have it here, too. And what amazes me is that they always seem so surprised, even though that weather generally goes from west to east, they have an idea of what is coming a day or two ahead of time based on the weather that was in the midwest and western states.
Tuesday, January 13, 2004
Yeah, it's been awhile. It's been really busy. First I was unmotivated when I didn't have a job, and i had time, then i got a job, and didn't have time. I'll try and get back to posting regularly. At least weekly, if not daily.

So, how have you been?

I had one comment to make that made me post today. Last night, I was flipping through channels, and the guide on digital cable, and saw "Save The Last Dance" was on TBS. I recognized the title, but couldn't place it right away, so I clicked the info button to find out what the movie was about. It had the description about a ballet dancer moving to Chicago, and learning hip-hop or something like that. Then, after the description, it said, "Predictable, but enjoyable." I thought it was funny (the description, not the movie.... I didn't watch the movie).

That's all for now, I hope to be back soon. I wonder if anyone still checks back here.

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