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Monday, September 22, 2003
It may be too soon to talk about this, but the field of the teams to match the '72 Dolphins undefeated season is down to six. Which team will be the biggest threat to them?

Indianapolis (3-0) - Indy has a tough road with games @TB, @Ten, @Mia, @Buf
Kansas City (3-0) - Tough division, having to play Den and Oak twice, but have the luxury of playing all four teams in the NFC Norris....errr....North
Denver (2-0) - see above, but replace Den with KC. With questions at QB, I don't see it happening.
Minnesota (3-0) - Somewhat favorable schedule with some easier road games (read Arizona), and plays NFC North each twice, but have already used up three of those games.
Carolina (2-0) - yes, they have Hou, Det, and Ari on their schedule, but it's not gonna happen. This is Carolina. Aren't they cute, the new team starting off strong. I guess they aren't so new anymore, are they?
Seattle (3-0) - This could be the surprise.... Holmgrem could be on the hot seat. Are St. Louis and San Fran having down years? If so, Seattle still has four divisional games left against what could be a surprisingly weak division. Note, they play the NFC North, too. And cincinnati.

My guess is that Seattle will come out of the season with the best record. Undefeated? I'm going to say no, but they will last the longest.
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