Arbitrary Randomness
Wednesday, August 06, 2003
I got sucked into Last Comic Standing. I can tell you how disappointed I was last night. I thought the best of the final 10 comedians was Dave Mordell. He got voted off against Dat Phan. Not sure how that happened. I thought Dave was much better in their head-to-head, especially considering that Dat Phan just imitated his mom the whole time. Dat's second performance against Geoff was much better, but it shouldn't have happened, since Dat should have lost to Dave (just my opinion).

Not sure how it happened, but in my opinion, the top two of the final five perfomances last week were without question Corey and Rich, with Corey taking the edge. Not sure how they ended up 3rd and 4th.

Hopefully Dave, Rich, and Corey will get some deals based on their performances.
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