Arbitrary Randomness
Thursday, July 31, 2003
I feel it is appropriate to praise companies as well as complain about them, but I usually forget to praise. My praise today comes from Comcast.... yes, that's right, Comcast Technical Support.

Yesterday, our password was getting rejected when trying to log in to retreive our email. I called up technical support to get our password reset. I pressed "1" for Comcast Internet, then pressed "4" for Technical Support. Upon hitting "4" I got the message "this call may be recorded for training purposes." I was expecting to be put on hold as I have been in the past. Not 2 seconds after hearing that message, I get, "Hi, this is Jason, how can I help you?"

I was stunned.... no waiting. And he spoke clear English (I've called in the past and had trouble understanding the person on the other end, and they didn't understand me). Either he faked it well, or he knew what he was doing. I explained our password problems and asked for a reset. He didn't try the "reboot and try again" suggestion that I usually get. He just said, "OK" and got to it. In less than 5 minutes I was completely done.

Grant it, there was some error along the way that caused our password to be rejected, but it was fixed quickly. Thanks, Jason.
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