Arbitrary Randomness
Thursday, July 31, 2003
more random thoughts from today:

Is that Tony Gwynn on the Comcast commercial where they show the dad, and the little kid watching baseball, and then buy tickets online and go to the game?

It was nice to see The West Wing on again last night.

What exactly are 7 on 7 drills? they are missing 4 on each side. I'm guessing that they are the guards and tackles on the offensive line, but who is missing on the defense?

Even though it is illegal to park in a handicapped parking spot (given that you don't have a handicapped sticker), apparently it is OK to leave parts for scalfolding laying across 3-4 handicapped spots for weeks.
I feel it is appropriate to praise companies as well as complain about them, but I usually forget to praise. My praise today comes from Comcast.... yes, that's right, Comcast Technical Support.

Yesterday, our password was getting rejected when trying to log in to retreive our email. I called up technical support to get our password reset. I pressed "1" for Comcast Internet, then pressed "4" for Technical Support. Upon hitting "4" I got the message "this call may be recorded for training purposes." I was expecting to be put on hold as I have been in the past. Not 2 seconds after hearing that message, I get, "Hi, this is Jason, how can I help you?"

I was stunned.... no waiting. And he spoke clear English (I've called in the past and had trouble understanding the person on the other end, and they didn't understand me). Either he faked it well, or he knew what he was doing. I explained our password problems and asked for a reset. He didn't try the "reboot and try again" suggestion that I usually get. He just said, "OK" and got to it. In less than 5 minutes I was completely done.

Grant it, there was some error along the way that caused our password to be rejected, but it was fixed quickly. Thanks, Jason.
Wednesday, July 30, 2003
This whole Lions/Matt Millen/minorty hire thing got me thinking. If the Lions would have interviewed another white coach, would that have helped? Would it have helped the NFL on their ruling that the Lions didn't have the mind set on who they were going to hire? Would it have helped convince the minority coaches that they might have a chance for the hiring? Is that what San Francisco did?

Things that make you go huh.
I'm going to get political for a moment. I just find it odd that the same people who are criticizing President Bush about going to war with Iraq with not enough information are the same ones that are criticizing him for not doing anything with the information they had preceeding 9/11.

I don't know the details of the information for either of the situation, but I just find it odd. If President Bush started the "War on Terrorism" prior to 9/11, based on the information we had then, would these same people have criticized him for going to war with not enough information?
On August 10th, the Bravo Network will have a 6 hour The West Wing marathon showing the first 6 episodes. Then starting Monday, August 11th, the show will be regularily scheduled on Bravo. I don't know if that means every Monday, or every night.
Monday, July 28, 2003
Sometimes I have the memory span of a goldfish. I was home at lunch today, and had no money in my wallet. I was going to pick up some cat food from the vet on my way home from work this afternoon, so I meant to grab some money before I left. This was approximately 5 minutes (or less) from the time I left. Somehow, I forgot to grab the money on my way out.

This isn't the first time this has happened. Things like this happen all the time. In the span of seconds, I forget what I was planning on doing.

I think I need a mini tape recorder like Michael Keaton in "Night Shift". That way, I wouldn't forget anything.
This can't even be fun with that many people.
Friday, July 25, 2003
One of these days, I'm going to be surprised.... I'm going to go to the blog of Noli, Russ, or Bill, and there is going to be a new post.
Thursday, July 24, 2003
Call toll free 1-800-555-6556 and listen to the following baseball stars sing the beloved Armour Hot Dog jingle: Sammy Sosa, Roger Clemens, Ken Griffey Jr., and Derek Jeter. Then you pick your favorite and have a chance to win a prize.

Tuesday, July 22, 2003
Am I the only one that doesn't know what to do with leftover buttermilk? I will occasionally by a quart or a half gallon of buttermilk to make pancakes, and then have a ton left over, and not know what to do with it. I have somewhat eliminated the problem by using powdered buttermilk, which is good, but sometimes, you just need the real stuff.

If I'm the only one, what are the rest of you doing with your leftover buttermilk?
When watching the news the last few weeks, when they show clips from Liberia, it looks like the footage is 20+ years old.
Monday, July 21, 2003
Looks like the field at Michigan Stadium is complete.
While watching a couple interviews with the Eagle County, Colo., District Attorney Mark Hurlbert (from the Kobe Bryant case), I can't help but laugh... not at the situation, but the interview. It seems like he is staying completely still, moving only is lips to talk, and eyelids to blink. It reminds me of the Conan O'Brien bit where they do a fake interview with someone by having a picture of the person's face, and then have someone's lips do the talking superimposed over the lips of the picture.
Friday, July 18, 2003
Larry Johnson (not Grandma-ma) signed with the Chiefs, and had this to say:

“I didn't want any part of knowing how much money I would have had or how much money I would have gotten if I would have held out," Johnson said. "They could have given me $10, a house and two dogs and I still would have said yes to that. Coming out of college, I haven't earned a bit of that money yet. For me to come in and say I want more dollars, money that I haven't earned, I think I would be showing a lot of disrespect, not only for the players now but the players of the past."

I finally watched Sports Night. Watched the first 4 episodes last night. I didn't find it spectacular, but was good enough to keep my interest.
Thursday, July 17, 2003
I just had my first Ugli fruit, or Uniq fruit. It was pretty good. It is a cross between a tangerine and a grapefruit. Very sweet and juicy.
Wednesday, July 16, 2003
Traffic was backed up.... a car in the other direction was trying to turn left across my lane. I stopped to allow her to turn in front of me. As they turned, a girl in the back seat of the SUV, with the window down, threw a grape at my car. She missed.
Friday, July 11, 2003
I thought NBA free agents couldn't sign until July 16th, or is that "officially sign"? What's the point in making them wait until July 16th to "officially" sign?
I received some junk email today with the subject "HOW MANY PEOPLE DO YOU KNOW THAT BREATHE?"
In case you haven't seen Yahoo's most emailed pictures today...

Ummmmm..... why was the cockroach there in the first place?

Should they really be watching what the elephants are doing? I think that might be an elephant threesome.
Thursday, July 10, 2003
If only the Tigers could play all of their games against the White Sox
"I loved it, it was much better than 'Cats', I'm going to see it again and again"
Wednesday, July 09, 2003
Maybe I should retract what I said yesterday about rain..... although it appears that we missed it again yesterday, I have to be thankful that we aren't flooded like they are in Indiana.

That being said, while driving home last night around 10-ish, it was raining pretty good. Not a storm or anything, but a nice constant rain. Once we got north of 16 mile, and closer to our house, the rain stopped, and the pavement was dry. I just don't get it.
Yesterday's Tiger game was another good explanation to why wins and losses for a pitcher mean absolutely nothing. Ledezma started the game and pitched 5 innings letting in zero runs, giving up 5 hits. Spurling pitches just one inning and gives up two hits and one run, and Spurling gets the win. How does that make any sense?
Tuesday, July 08, 2003
Is it just me, or does it seem like we keep getting missed on all the big storms coming through lately. Of course for you to be categorized in the "we", you must live in the Troy, Sterling Heights, Madison Heights, Warren, Rochester, Utica, Shelby, etc. area.
Monday, July 07, 2003
some of the things i learned from a weekend in Columbus:

Thursday, July 03, 2003
Did you ever notice that stores will be closed for a day or for a few hours to "drastically reduce prices on everything in the store", but they don't need to be closed to put the prices back up to normal when the sale is over?
Tuesday, July 01, 2003
Joe Louis Arena will not be the site of a Frozen Four until 2009 or later.
OK, I know that some people look a lot younger than they are (I have been carded for lottery tickets!!!!), and I know that there are some males that may have some feminine features to them, but a 27 year old man posing as a 13 year old girl, and getting away with it???!?!??!?!!?!?!?!

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