Arbitrary Randomness
Tuesday, May 27, 2003
Since I missed over 250 hits over the weekend, I have finally decided to stop keeping track of how many hits I've had for different things. I've been doing it for way to long, anyway, and does anyone really care that of the first 9519 hits on this site that I had 1500 hits from people looking for Patricia Heaton Nude, over 700 hits looking for Jennifer Garner Nude, 340 for Katie Couric Nude (many of which came after hosting the Tonight Show a few weeks ago), almost 300 hits on old navy painters pants green acres commercial, and 260 (plus probably another 100 over the weekend that I missed) for Annika Sorenstam Nude, 212 Joe Boxer commercial, 170 Julie Kavner on Inside the Actor's Studio, 159 Gene Hackman Lowes commercial, 153 Budlight commercial, 128 Christopher Walken SNL BOC skit more cowbell, 94 spongebob squarepants (59 of them looking for him nude).

Yes, I am a dork for keeping track of that for so long (or even at all), but hey, it's numbers, how can I not like them. But at this point, I will stop my daily 5 minute routine of keeping track of the hits I received from the last 24 hours.

No, you probably didn't care in the least about this, but then again, do you really care about any of these posts?
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