Arbitrary Randomness
Friday, May 30, 2003
The other day I heard the President referred to as "Mr. Bush". It reminded me of during the election when this bothered me. When campaigning for the election, I remember hearing coutless times, him being referred to as "Mr. Bush". I always thought that was disrespectful, since he was Governor of Texas at the time, he should have been addressed as "Governor Bush". And now, I think it's even worse. He should be addressed as either the "President", "President Bush", or "Mr. President" (the last if addressing him in person).

I was going to add a movie quote here, but I'll let Russ put it in the comments... You know you're thinking of the exact same quote as I am right now (well, not now as in 8:22 AM, cuz you're probably sleeping, but whenever you read this)
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