Arbitrary Randomness
Thursday, May 15, 2003
I don't usually drink coffee at work (or at all really, only occasionally), but I can't figure out why people do this. We have a coffee maker with three burners, and three coffee pots. Two are for regular, and one is for decaf. What I don't understand is that people must have the freshest coffee. So they take the pot that is under the brewing thingy instead of the pot that is on the side burner. Does it make that much of a difference? I know that I'm not a coffee connoisseur, but is it that crucial to get coffee that's been brewed maybe 20 minutes earlier than the other one? And if it does make that much of a difference, think about it.... these people are making it worse. By taking the "fresher" pot, you are leaving the slightly older pot there, making it get even worse for other people. I think the next time I'm in there, I'm going to switch the pots.
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