Arbitrary Randomness
Thursday, April 17, 2003
An Open Letter to all Fair-Weather Fans, Bandwagon Jumpers, etc.,

Applications are now being taken for tickets on the Official Pistons Bandwagon. Get in now, as the specially discounted early entry fee won't be around for long. In fact, right now you can turn in your Red Wing merchandise and get half off the original cost of a Bandwagon ticket. We'll even throw in some slightly used Pistons apparel, so that you can tell your friends that you've been supporting the Pistons all along, rather than having that bright shiny new Pistons apparel that gives you away as a recent Bandwagon arrival.

Call now, this offer won't last long. Limited supplies available. Plus, if you call in the next ten minutes, we'll give you tricks to remember all of the Pistons names, since you probably didn't realize that Stackhouse was traded to the Wizards last off-season, and Grant Hill hasn't been here for a few years.

Some restrictions may apply.
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