Arbitrary Randomness
Tuesday, April 29, 2003
Last night, on CBC, there was a show called "Talking to America" or "Americans". It was basically an hour long segment of "Jay Walking" that they do on the Tonight Show, but all the questions were focused on Canada, and showed how little Americans knew about Canada. It's hard to believe that some of the people actually fell for the stories they were telling. Some examples of what they did were:

- Ask what they thought about Canadians moving their 20-hour clock to be a 24-hour clock like the US
- Ask what they thought about 70% of grade 7 Canadians couldn't find their home state on a map
- Referenced different peoples names as that Prime Minister of Canada (one of them being "Guy LeFluer")
- Mentioned that they were getting rid of the "Union Jack" as the flag, and asked what it should be changed to.... A picture of a moose, a hockey puck, or a maple leaf.... most people (that they showed) said "Hockey Puck"

One of the people they interviewed on the "find their home state" question started answering how she thought it was bad that the kids couldn't find their home state, and she was with her kid (who was probably about 10 years old) and the kid interrupted and said, "Wait a minute, Canada has PROVINCES!!!!!"
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