Arbitrary Randomness
Tuesday, April 22, 2003
Did anyone watch Boomtown last week (episode that aired on April 13th)??? I finally got around to watching it yesterday, and if you haven't seen it and don't want a spoiler, stop reading now. I am going to give away a big part of it, but you were warned, Russ, so don't you start complaining to me. I said stop reading, so why are you still reading, Russ??? anyway, back to the question that I have that will spoil the ending. McNorris' car had the blood on the headlight, and also had a crack in the windshield. what exactly hit the windshield? OK, so it wasn't that big of a spoiler since you don't know exactly what I'm referring to. I was going to put more info in there, but realized that it wasn't necessary, and would be less likely to spoil the ending if someone (read "Russ") "accidentally" read this and wanted to complain about me ruining the episode for them.

Again, if you aren't watching Boomtown, you should be.... it's gotta Benjamin Buford Blue in it.... how couldn't it be good ????
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