Arbitrary Randomness
Tuesday, April 29, 2003
With all the junk mail that gets sent out, we usually get our fair share on a daily basis. What is surprising is that the last two mail delivery days (Monday and Saturday) we have received NO MAIL!!!!! and it also happened about a week ago. So that is three times in the last week or two that we've received absolutly NO MAIL.

I've kind of enjoyed the junk mail recently since I've started sending it back to them in their pre-paid envelops. I get some joy out of doing that. I think I'll start sending back the ads that come with my bills.
Why is it so hard for people to park inbetween two yellow lines. Do they not see the lines? I sometimes wish I still drove that old fifth avenue that looked like crap... the one that we would hit shopping carts with in the Meijer parking lot. Then I could park right up close to these cars that the driver couldn't figure out how to stay between the lines.
As we were waiting in line for paint at Home Depot over the weekend (on a side note, the old Meijer building has been knocked down.... Lowe's can't be too far away!!!), we were a few people back, and it seemed to take forever. While waiting, another employee came by to help, and took some paint out of the mixer thingers asked the older lady nearby, "are these your two cans of Niagra?" (Niagra being the color). I had to walk away, because I was laughing so hard. I could have sworn that he asked her "are these your two cans of VIAGRA?"
Last night, on CBC, there was a show called "Talking to America" or "Americans". It was basically an hour long segment of "Jay Walking" that they do on the Tonight Show, but all the questions were focused on Canada, and showed how little Americans knew about Canada. It's hard to believe that some of the people actually fell for the stories they were telling. Some examples of what they did were:

- Ask what they thought about Canadians moving their 20-hour clock to be a 24-hour clock like the US
- Ask what they thought about 70% of grade 7 Canadians couldn't find their home state on a map
- Referenced different peoples names as that Prime Minister of Canada (one of them being "Guy LeFluer")
- Mentioned that they were getting rid of the "Union Jack" as the flag, and asked what it should be changed to.... A picture of a moose, a hockey puck, or a maple leaf.... most people (that they showed) said "Hockey Puck"

One of the people they interviewed on the "find their home state" question started answering how she thought it was bad that the kids couldn't find their home state, and she was with her kid (who was probably about 10 years old) and the kid interrupted and said, "Wait a minute, Canada has PROVINCES!!!!!"
Monday, April 28, 2003
My latest taste of a new pop......Tropical Sprite Remix...

me not so much
What a difference an 'a' makes...

I was thinking, saying that something is "a little like" something else, or saying that something is "little like" something else, has two completely different meanings.
remember back in the day when the playoffs didn't take so long..... I remember when they would play on back to back nights, and only skip a day for travel to the other team. That was so much nicer. I hate having to wait 3 days inbetween games, especially when they don't even travel.
"I like paper clips (paper clips?) paper clips
I like bottle caps (bottle caps?) bottle caps..."

can you name that song?
I hope I don't have to make another "open letter to all fair-weather fans" after Wednesday night. I don't think the fair-weather fans will buy my story of hopping on the Tiger bandwagon.
Thursday, April 24, 2003
I really liked last night's The West Wing. Don't worry, Russ, I won't spoil it for you. I love the little stupid-funny things they throw in there, and there seemed to be a lot of them. Like the egg thing in general, and the card throwing, and the President's little thing about Charlie and Debbie getting to him. I don't think that spoiled anything. Hopefully it didn't.

Anywho, I really like those things, but overall, I thought it was a great episode.
I'm not sure if this link will work beyond today, but it's a listing of tonight's TV programming. Check out what's on FOX.... I think we are finding out too much about celebrities, and the people around them.
I've have just been off lately.... I know there are many jokes to make on this article, but for some reason, I am having trouble bringing them to fruitation.
Sign #137 that I haven't been following the NHL as much as I used to. I didn't even know that Eric Lindros was a NY Ranger.

(no, there isn't a numbered list with #1 - 136 on it... I just made that up)
Wednesday, April 23, 2003 makes note of the fact that Tiger Woods has more victories than the Tigers.
Tuesday, April 22, 2003
Did anyone watch Boomtown last week (episode that aired on April 13th)??? I finally got around to watching it yesterday, and if you haven't seen it and don't want a spoiler, stop reading now. I am going to give away a big part of it, but you were warned, Russ, so don't you start complaining to me. I said stop reading, so why are you still reading, Russ??? anyway, back to the question that I have that will spoil the ending. McNorris' car had the blood on the headlight, and also had a crack in the windshield. what exactly hit the windshield? OK, so it wasn't that big of a spoiler since you don't know exactly what I'm referring to. I was going to put more info in there, but realized that it wasn't necessary, and would be less likely to spoil the ending if someone (read "Russ") "accidentally" read this and wanted to complain about me ruining the episode for them.

Again, if you aren't watching Boomtown, you should be.... it's gotta Benjamin Buford Blue in it.... how couldn't it be good ????
Monday, April 21, 2003

There is a joke here somewhere, but for some reason, I can't put it into words.
Thursday, April 17, 2003
I've decided that when I get older, and get to that point in my life where I decide I need to wear a hat (not a baseball cap), I'm going to where a bowler hat (or is it called a derby? or is that something different?)

I don't think I'll carry an apple whereever I go, but you never know.
In seeing the weather yesterday, we were supposed to have rain yesterday evening/night, and today we were supposed to have a high of 40. Now I do realize that forecasting weather is not an exact science, but I don't think we got any rain last night at all. the pavement was dry this morning, and there were just a few sprinkles on my drive in. I think it was warmer than 40 already, and now the forecast for today is for highs to be 48-52.

I think them weather people are out to get me. I just want a little rain to take care of the fertilizer I put on my lawn last weekend.
In an article about "Watching Ellie", a comment about ratings for "24" was mentioned:

Averaging 9.8 million viewers overall, "Ellie" was outpaced by the Fox espionage thriller "24," which has been thriving in the ratings thanks in large part to the strong lead-in it gets from the hit talent show "American Idol."

I find it hard to believe that the success of "24" is due to the lead-in from American Idol. Maybe a little bit, but not a "large part".
When Glenn Haege moved to WDFN, one of his promos said, "now EVERYONE with a radio can here the Handyman" or something like that, implying that WDFN had a stronger signal to reach more listeners. I don't know the specifics, but I do know that in my listening, I lose 1130 A LOT more than I lose 1270. I'm guessing that the recent changes will make 1270 even stronger.

Plus, 1270 has Doug Karsch. How can you get any better than that?
An Open Letter to all Fair-Weather Fans, Bandwagon Jumpers, etc.,

Applications are now being taken for tickets on the Official Pistons Bandwagon. Get in now, as the specially discounted early entry fee won't be around for long. In fact, right now you can turn in your Red Wing merchandise and get half off the original cost of a Bandwagon ticket. We'll even throw in some slightly used Pistons apparel, so that you can tell your friends that you've been supporting the Pistons all along, rather than having that bright shiny new Pistons apparel that gives you away as a recent Bandwagon arrival.

Call now, this offer won't last long. Limited supplies available. Plus, if you call in the next ten minutes, we'll give you tricks to remember all of the Pistons names, since you probably didn't realize that Stackhouse was traded to the Wizards last off-season, and Grant Hill hasn't been here for a few years.

Some restrictions may apply.
Wednesday, April 16, 2003
I thought I remembered at the end of last week's The West Wing, they had scenes from this week's all new The West Wing.... but according to NBC's site it's a rerun.
Will Central Michigan's Jay Smith be involved in the game of Musical Coaches this year? I'm guessing no. Although there seem to be quite a few coaches moving around this year, I think Jay Smith is one year away from moving on to another school. He's done a good job turning around the program at CMU, and with another strong performance next year, and a Tourny bid (or better yet, another Tourny win), I'm guessing he'll be in the position to get an offer from another school. Not to rip the MAC or CMU, but I see him going to a lower team in the Big Ten/Conference USA.

Just my two cents
Has this ever happened to you..... While your shaving, you somehow don't overlap your last stroke, and leave a thin strip of unshaven face, but you don't notice it until you get to work? Not that it's visibly obvious, but you can feel the half-centimeter wide strip when your hand rubs against your face.
Tuesday, April 15, 2003
The new Verizon commercial caught me funny, as they are almost making fun of themselves with the monkey doing the "can you hear me now" thing..... although I've only seen it two or three times, and it's starting to get annoying already.
Monday, April 14, 2003
In the season finale of Ed, wasn't the drummer of "the Warren Cheswick(sp?) Experience" the guy that had the surgery after seeing Mark's success a few weeks ago? and there were complications with the surgery, and he wasn't going to be in the hospital for awhile?

Not that he couldn't have recovered, I was just curious if that was the same character.
Friday, April 11, 2003
I was at my parents' last night and we were flipping back and forth between the Wings game and the Michigan/Minnesota game. During the intermission of the Michigan/Minnesota game, the Gophers had cheerleaders on the ice with skates.

I'm not sure I have anything to say, except....... huh
While reading this story I was feeling bad for the person at first, and then could help but laugh out loud when I got to the second half of the article.

The following lines in particular:

- "father was an elephant tamer and mother a trapeze artist,"
- "been throwing his mother's kitchen knives since the age of 10"
- "currently having to advertise for a new assistant as Yana, who bears two scars from previously mis-directed knives"
- "wants to concentrate on her hula-hoop act"
- "His previous assistant reportedly left the job after being hit in the foot"
- "I've only hit my assistant on five occasions"

hey, come work for me, I'll throw knives at you, but don't worry, I've only hit people 5 times
Thursday, April 10, 2003
This happened two weeks ago, but in the span of 4 days, I was carded for lottery tickets, and not carded for beer.
I've got a feeling.....the Tigers will win today
I've just read that the movie Phone Booth is only an hour and fifteen minutes. That doesn't seem very long for a movie.
Wednesday, April 09, 2003
My taxes are finally in the mail..... I don't know why I was so urgent.... I still had a week to go!!!! I was actually done with the numbers like two weeks ago, but kept procrastinating the re-copying and mailing.

Don't wait to procrastinate!!!!
OK, I got this link from Dave Barry's blog, and what cracks me up is in the picture, at the bottom, there are legs of somebody lying down. Would you really want to be lying down in the area where people are peeing?
Tuesday, April 08, 2003

What I find disgusting about this picture is that she is putting ketchup on ONION RINGS!!!!!
Apparently you people didn't hear me when I blogged about it the first time.... TAKE YOUR CELL PHONE WITH YOU!!!! DON'T LEAVE IT ON YOUR DESK WHEN YOU LEAVE!!!! THOSE SONGS ARE ANNOYING EVERYONE ELSE!!!!

thank you
In case you were wondering what ever happend to Yakov Smirnoff
If Carmelo Anthony goes pro, would you take him higher than LeBron James? I would.
Friday, April 04, 2003
The latest MCI Neighborhood commercial I saw, with Danny Glover, shows him picking apples from a tree talking about how local and long distance calls should be the same, and how other companies say they are different and that's why they charge more.

If that is so, then why is MCI Neighborhood so much more than Ameritech for regular service? MCI Neighborhood plans start at $50/month and Ameritech can be as low as the mid to high $20s. MCI does consider them (local toll/long distance) different, but since they lump it into their monthly price, it's perceived as different.

I'm just rambling on about nonsense again (just giving Russ more to comment on)
In case you haven't heard, Michigan Stadium will begin putting in the FieldTurf at the end of April, after commencement. For a current look at the field, look here
I can't wait for Tuesday night, and the Cher concert on NBC.... No, it's not so that I can watch it, but so I will no longer have to see the friggin commercials for it.
Hey Bill, does this mean that you won't be watching as much MNF? (you need to scroll down a ways, or do a Find on "Melissa Stark")
Thursday, April 03, 2003
That should keep Russ busy for awhile :)
Speaking of Lowe's, I read that they have put in a proposal to put in a Lowe's store in the old Meijer at 16 mile and Dequindre, less than a mile from our house.... WOO HOO!!!!
I think I heard Stockard Channing do a voice over on two different commercials. AIG is one of them, and I can't recall what the other one was for. I'm pretty sure it was her voice. I always try and figure out the celebrity voice overs on commercials.

Like Tommy Lee Jones on SBC (who i thought was James Garner prior to Russ correcting me)
and is James Garner on the Suburban commercial?
I'm pretty sure that it is Gene Hackman on the Lowes commercial
is it Russ' or Russ's?
In Russ's style, I will break up my blog into a bunch of separate posts
Will Bailey keeps climbing the ranking of my favorite West Wing characters. Not that I actually keep a list, but I have my favorites and least favorites. I think Charlie and Will are my two favorties. If you've read my blog, you already know my two least favorites.
After two games, seven different Tigers lead the team in Hit

(no that's not a typo, there is no 's' on hit)
Well, I'm not the first to blog it, but Welcome Kaitlyn Ann. Congrats Bill and Laura
Wednesday, April 02, 2003
Does the fact that Lenny Wilkens owns the records for most wins and most losses (well, tied right now, but will eventually get it on his own) say anything about him except that he's been around the longest?
I was reading this article, and something tells me that there was a better quote out there than this one:

President Bush was informed of Lynch's rescue at 4:50 p.m. EST on Tuesday during his afternoon call with Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld. "That's great," he told Rumsfeld, according to White House spokesman Ari Fleischer

"That's great" is the best they could do? I think they should have left it out, if that's all they had. Although, from watching different news conferences, there are some bizarre questions, and some reporter probably asked "what did President Bush say when he found out about Lynch's rescue?" I just can't believe it was actually printed.
I have this stuck in my head: (lyrics to the commercial might be slightly off, but it's the high pitched voice that's stuck in my head)

A dog doesn't want a tiny bone
any more than he wants to play a trombone
in fact if he had a telephone
he call and get some Jumbones
Boomtown doesn't seem to be getting the ratings.... at least it's not in the top 20. It's a quality show. Anyone else watching it?
Tuesday, April 01, 2003
Sorry Russ, that's all I got
Everytime I hear the phrase "Ministry of Information" I think of the "Ministry of Magic"

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