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Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Warning: 24 Spoiler

I am putting some text here so I don't give the spoiler away in case someone who doesn't want to know (i.e. they taped it and have yet to watch it) about what happened. This is an attempt to bury what I might give away in the middle so at a glance, a person who doesn't want to see it, won't... OK, enough babbling, and on to what I want to say. I was listening to Tony Kornheiser today, and he was talking about last night's episode, and said something to the effect of how he was surprised, and everyone was surprised that the kid wasn't actually killed. Was that really a surprise? As soon as he kicked down the chair before shooting, I said to my wife, "he pulled a 'Negotiater' " (for those who haven't seen "Negotiator" with Samuel L. Jackson (no, not Sam Adams, Bill) you should, and I've probably ruined a scene for you (and part of the plot) if you saw last night's 24 and are reading this. Now that I've completely confused everyone....). I just didn't think it was that big of a surprise that he didn't kill him. I would have been surprised if he actually did kill him. Ok, now I am padding the end of this paragraph (and a lengthy paragraph at that) with more text as a hope to stop the person who doesn't want to know anything about last night's episode from accidentally seeing it while scanning down. Hopefully it worked, and I didn't spoil anything.
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