Arbitrary Randomness
Wednesday, February 19, 2003
I'm trying to be a less aggressive driver. I don't think I am a horrible driver, but I do stuff to counteract pet peeves of mine. For instance, it is a pet peeve of mine of people who drive in the left hand turn lane. I will intentionally go the same speed as them, so they can't get over. I am doing my best to change my habit. I'm not saying that I am always nice and let them in, but I am trying to not let other drivers effect my driving. In the case where I come across the guy riding the left hand turn lane, I will continue with my current speed, and drive as if he wasn't there.

I have had a problem lately of driving too slow. Which is strange, because I used to not be able to stand when people were passing me. I've been driving many times lately, and I'll glance down at the spedometer and see that I'm going between 35-40 in a 45. Or my wife will say something like "speed up grandpa". After realizing I had this problem, I was driving behind another guy who was going much slower than the speed limit. Frustrated, I yelled out, "what's going on? am I driving that car?"
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