Arbitrary Randomness
Monday, February 17, 2003
I sometimes wonder why there is scrolling text on webpages.... I mean, on the TV screen, it saves space, but on a web page you could just scroll down and read the entire text of whatever is being said. Plus you can do it at your own speed, rather than waiting for it to come across, or if it comes across too quick, then you have to wait for it to start all over again to read the part that you missed. I suppose it is nicer for those of us who are lazy, and it saves us from scrolling. It is kind of annoying, too, as it has almost a "blinking" or "jumping" quality to it. It doesn't seem to move smoothly unless you make it move really slow like this.

then again, you can do this

and confuse people with this

This is the end of my marquee editorial
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