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Monday, February 17, 2003
I haven't jumped on the Survivor band wagon. I have seen a total of about 2 episodes (both of those coming in the first two "seasons"). Now that the 6th one has started (it is the 6th one now, isn't it?), I am wondering how long it will last. I am thinking it is going to get old at some point, and that it would have been better have spaced out the series, rather than cramming them one after another. It would seem to me that they would be more special, and have more excitement for each one to start if they only came out once a year.

But then I thought, maybe they are right.... maybe this "reality" craze is just a fad, and they need to get in as many of these as they can while the fad is still hot.

Is there an end to all this? We've been in this "reality" fad for about 3 or 4 years now. Is anyone else sick of it? I suppose it will last as long as the ratings are up, but I haven't got sucked into any of them yet. There was a time when I watched Road Rules and Real World almost religiously (Road Rules 1-3, and Real World Seattle), I can't say I have been even a part time watcher of anything recent (Survivor, Mole, Bachelor/ette, etc), although I did get sucked into the initial try-out episodes of American Idol this second time around. But that was more for the humor value.

My prediction.... "reality" shows will start to show their decline in the ratings next season ('03-'04), but stick on and continue to drop the following season ('04-'05), with maybe a few last attempts at doing something mid-season replacements in '05-'06. By 2007, it will be a "remember when {insert reality show here} was on the air?" and sweeps months will be filled with "Reality Show Contestants: Where are they now?"
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