Arbitrary Randomness
Thursday, January 16, 2003
I could have sworn that I heard an ad on WDFN yesterday advertising listening to their station over the internet. I was interested in this, because about a week or so ago, I went to listen, and there was no link to click on to listen. Today I go back to try again (since I heard the ad yesterday) and found this note:

We apologize that we are no longer streaming our radio station over the Internet. Unfortunately, streaming over the Web has recently become much more expensive. The associations for the music recording industry and others lobbied for and received changes in Federal law, rules and regulations that require stations like ours to pay each time we play a song on the Internet, and to report very cumbersome and extensive information. It has become, basically, too much for us to handle and too expensive for us to continue

I don't have much to say, except that i find it odd to hear an ad yesterday for it, and then see this today.
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