Arbitrary Randomness
Thursday, October 10, 2002
The West Wing notes:

- Mrs. Bartlet was not on AGAIN (I know, the Emmy was for last year, not this year, but I think you would find a similar pattern in last year's episodes). Actually, I don't think her name was in the opening credits.

- It did not rain in last night's episode

- Sam made another reference to persuing a political career of his own. When talking to Leo, he said something like, "I'm not done yet."

- When Josh and Donna were talking in his office about the seminar that Donna went to, there were two shots of Donna within about 10-15 seconds, and there was the same guy in the background walking toward Josh's office (maybe the guy was just doing laps around the bullpen).

- Does Amy annoy anyone else?

- Charlie still rules
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