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Thursday, October 31, 2002

Need I say More ????

Don't get me wrong, I still enjoyed last night's episode of "The West Wing", but I was disappointed. Here are my complaints:

- I was expecting to see more of the debate. They pretty much showed most of the debate scenes in the previews.
- Stockard Channing was in the opening credits to account for another 1-2 minute scene that she was in (unless you want to count where they showed her walk up onto the stage after the debate).
- At the end of the episode, they said "stay tuned for scenes from next week's 'The West Wing'..." So I waited, and they came back and showed scenes from the next Boomtown, which I already saw after Sunday's Boomtown.
- What was Ron Mason doing as one of the debate moderators? (please comment if you get this joke)

I do realize that Stockard Channing was probably on more last season than she is this season, but not much. Yes, I'm still bitter that she got the Emmy.

On a happy note, the Pistons won last night, coming back from 6 down with 10 minutes to go to finish the game on a 24-9 run.
Wednesday, October 30, 2002
What's up with Montgomery?

Some of the Sniper shooting were in Montgomery County, Maryland, then they linked the snipers to a shooting in Montgomery, Alabama. Now, there is a shooting in Montgomery County, Ohio.

Look out Mr. Burns!!!!
As the NBA season has gotten underway, here are my predictions.

Eastern Conference Championship - NJ over Det
Western Conference Championship - Sac over Dal
NBA Finals - NJ over Sac
So I watched 24 last night for the first time. I did flip over a few times last year to catch 5 minutes here and there, but not enough to get into it.

I was a little confused at the beginning since I had no idea who each of the characters were, and took me about 1/2 the show to get it straight (at least I think I got it straight). It was decent, and I'll watch a few more, but I'm not hooked yet. I still laugh everytime they do the split screens. I can't help but think of the Oompa Loompas.
Tuesday, October 29, 2002
I'm not sure how long this has been happening, but I just noticed it last night. During the first week or two of the football season, I watched Whose Line is it Anyway before MNF (or before flipping to Everybody Loves Raymond). Then I stopped for some reason.... either forgetting about it, or not being home, or something else. So last night I flip it on, and they are showing a rerun of Matlock. And it wasn't ABC, it was the local affiliate, WXYZ. At 8:00, they had the channel 7 logo on saying, "Drew Carey Show, and Whose Line can be seen later tonight, as we bring you this special programming" or something like that. And then they showed Drew Carey and Whose Line at like 3 AM.

I've never watched a Matlock, so I figured I would give it a chance, and it really wasn't that great of an episode. I'm still trying to figure this one out.

And the whole time I was thinking of Grampa Simpson saying, "MMMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOCK!"
Monday, October 28, 2002
I'm pretty geeked about this weeks episode of The West Wing. It's the debate episode, and I hope i'm not getting over excited about it, but it should be a good one.
Are chinstraps that uncomfortable?? I've always wonder that while watching football games. Many players find the need to undo their chinstraps after every play, only to have to snap them back on 30 seconds later. Are they so uncomfortable, or is there another reason for this.

Along the same lines, do batting gloves get that loose inbetween each pitch that some batter find it necessary to undo, and redo the velcro straps on them before each and every pitch??

Some things I just don't understand.
Friday, October 25, 2002
The whole sniper thing, they found them in a blue caprice... so what was the deal with the white box truck or the white/cream minivans? Was that unrelated? I know that I noticed a LOT of white minivans (with ladder racks) recently. Is it just a coincidence that there were white vans (since people were looking for white vans) at each shooting? Or is it possible that the snipers were looking for a white van, and then when they found one, got near it, and shot from there? Not that I've seen a lot of coverage, but i haven't seen anything yet explaining the white vans.
Thursday, October 24, 2002
I wasn't going to comment on it (since it's so old now) but I just read another article on it, and just have to say one thing (maybe two). Is the Terrell Owens thing really that bad??? All the press keeps complaining about it how it is to bring attention to himself. Hey, you know what??? if the press doesn't cover it, then the amount of attention brought to it is TREMENDOUSLY reduced.

Plus, is it any worse that Emmitt Smith keeping EVERY ball that he's scored a touchdown with? I've seen him spike the ball, and then run after it to make sure that he gets it before anyone else does. No one ever complains about that.
I keep forgetting to blog about this.....

At the beginning of the TODAY show on NBC, they have the announcer guy say something like "This is TODAY with Matt Lauer and Katie Couric." About a week or two ago, Katie Couric was reporting from Montgomery County, Maryland, and the announcer said "This is TODAY with Matt Lauer and Katie Couric reporting from Mongomery County, Maryland" or something like that.

OK, so this seems normal so far, but when one of them is on vacation (one of them being Matt Lauer or Katie Couric) and Anne Curry fills in for one of them, the announcer guy at the beginning still says, "This is TODAY with Matt Lauer and Katie Couric." Couldn't they change it to say, "This is TODAY with Katie Couric and Anne Curry."

These are the things that keep me up at night.... well, not really.... I fall asleep pretty quickly, and don't wake up that easily.
I'm sorry, I just can't let it go.....

Stockard Channing.... last night's episode (from last season), one scene for about a minute or two. That's it.
Wednesday, October 23, 2002
Happy Birthday to the love of my life!!!!!!! = )

(and no, that's not Michigan Football, nor TV in general)

What's that saying about the size of a guy's shoe is comparable too.....

Monday, October 21, 2002
Am I strange that I feel weird eating after going to the dentist??? I feel like I should wait a few hours before starting to eat. I might have blogged about this before (probably 6 months ago after my last appointment).

Let's say I have a hunk of cheese, and the cheese was really good for the first four weeks I had it, then it started getting bad. Is there a way I can get the cheese to taste as good as it did the first 4 weeks again?
Thursday, October 17, 2002
No Mrs. Bartlet in last night's episode of The West Wing. So that's 5 hours of TWW this season, and she has been on 1.5 minutes. Just more data to show that she doesn't deserve best supporting actress..... maybe best guest star.

Wednesday, October 16, 2002
Is it just me, or is the use of "P.S." totally pointless in emails/web pages/any sort of electronic documentation????

Isn't the point of "P.S." is that you forgot something in your letter/message/etc, and want to add it at the end??? Couldn't you just go up and edit the original message to include it?
Another weather comment:

Why is it weather is referred to as "Sunny" or "Partly Sunny" during the day, but at night, they don't call it "Moony" or "Partly Moony"?
Tuesday, October 15, 2002
You know how sometime you just get a really good shave??? I haven't had one of those in awhile. I wonder what I'm doing wrong.
Penn State has contacted the Big Ten about the officiating of football games. One instance in particular was in this past Saturday's game against Michigan....

"In the last minute of regulation, Tony Johnson was called out of bounds after a catch along the left sideline near the Michigan 20. Television replays appeared to show Johnson landing with both feet in bounds. "

What they fail to mention is the play or two before this one, Penn State was ruled catching the ball when it appeared as though it was an incomplete pass.
Monday, October 14, 2002
I've probably complained about this before, but I was watching the weather this weekend, and I forget the exact days, and the exact numbers, but it was something like this....

Sunday: Hi 57 Low 48
Monday: Hi 42 Low 32

HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE!!!?!?!?!?!??!!??!?!?!? How can Sunday's Low be Higher than Monday's High??
Thursday, October 10, 2002
I thought I posted this before, but I couldn't find it... so hear it is (again?).... in case the "Charlie still rules" didn't make sense....

Who is your favorite "main" character from "The West Wing"??

These are the characters that I consider the "main" characters:

Jed Bartlet, Leo McGarry, Josh Lyman, Toby Ziegler, Sam Seaborn, Donnatella Moss, Margaret (I don't think they have ever said her last name), Charlie Young, CJ Cregg

edit: Margaret is a stretch as a main character... this was more of a poke at the fact that Margaret is included and Abby is not.

I was going to rank them as my favorites, but I'm not sure I can. I think if I had to pick one, and only one, I would pick Charlie.
The West Wing notes:

- Mrs. Bartlet was not on AGAIN (I know, the Emmy was for last year, not this year, but I think you would find a similar pattern in last year's episodes). Actually, I don't think her name was in the opening credits.

- It did not rain in last night's episode

- Sam made another reference to persuing a political career of his own. When talking to Leo, he said something like, "I'm not done yet."

- When Josh and Donna were talking in his office about the seminar that Donna went to, there were two shots of Donna within about 10-15 seconds, and there was the same guy in the background walking toward Josh's office (maybe the guy was just doing laps around the bullpen).

- Does Amy annoy anyone else?

- Charlie still rules
Wednesday, October 09, 2002
Why is there college football on Tuesday night?
Sometimes 10-10-220 commercials are really stupid, and sometimes they are just plain stupid.
Monday, October 07, 2002
I'm not sure why I am so happy in a team's losses, but I am. I don't like the St. Louis Rams. The fact that they continue to lose is pretty cool. They are now 0-5. Their high powered offense has scored only 74 points so far this year. Only three other teams have scored less points. Two of those teams have had byes (only playing 4 games so far) and the other in Cincinnati.

I don't usually like to be happy at other people's losses, but I'll make an exception for St. Louis.
Friday, October 04, 2002
Is there a better local sports talk show host than Doug Karsch?
Thursday, October 03, 2002
OK, Let's count....1.....2....3, 4, 5..........carry the one.........and I get a total of......


That's right, Stockard Channing (First Lady Abby Bartlet) was on a total of ZERO scenes yesterday for ZERO MINUTES.... bringing the grand total for the season to a whopping minute and a half..... 44 minutes per hour of tv times 3 hours of The West Wing so far.... She has been on just over 1% of the time. Nice supporting there.
Wednesday, October 02, 2002
I know it's still warm out, but now that it's October, is it safe to wear Cords again? Or will that be a fashion faux paus?
Old Navy Commercials have annoyed me once again.... The latest "Green Acres" parody with painter's pants is what annoys me. It not so much the song itself (which does annoy me), but more so the "painter's pants." What makes them painter's pants?? They have that little loop to hold a hammer like CARPENTER'S PANTS. Carpenters use hammers, not painters. Why would you carry a hammer around while painting? If you're gonna argue that you have to take moldings down and put them up with a hammer, well, you might have a little bit of a point, but you would do that before and after painting..... NOT DURING!!!!!
Tuesday, October 01, 2002
Russ can listen to WDFN again, especially in the morning. Gregg Henson has left the station
I keep thinking of little things to post today....

Still Standing (the new show after Raymond) was pretty funny last night. I don't have much to say about it, except that I found it funny. I mean, how can it not be funny when you say the phrase "nevertouchaboobie tribe".
Are football announcers overusing the phrase "pitch and catch"??? I'm not sure I even know what it means. It seems like I hear it a lot this year, expecially when listening to a game that Gary Danielson does.
A sad day for Hockey Night In Canada.

Ron McLean, you'll be missed. And not just on HNIC, but the Olympics coverage as well. (I just re-read this, and it sounds like he died from what I wrote. He didn't die, just a contract dispute. Read the article = )

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