Arbitrary Randomness
Monday, September 09, 2002
Two football rules I don't understand....

(1) The rule for pass interference that if the pass is uncatchable, it is no longer a penalty. This makes no sense to me at all. So it's ok to hit the guy as long as it's a bad pass?? Why not apply this rule to other penalties.... such as, if the defender is offsides, but wouldn't have gotten to the quarterback anyway, it isn't a penalty. Or if an offensive lineman holds the defender, if the defender didn't have a chance to get to the ball carrier, it isn't a penalty. PLEASE, someone explain this to me!!!!!

(2) Intentional Grounding. The penalty for intentional grounding is really not a penalty. There is no reason for a QB to get a sack... just throw the ball. Why?? because the penalty is loss of down from the spot of the foul. OK, so what would happen if he didn't throw the ball? loss of down from where the QB is sacked. So if the QB intentionally grounds the ball, there he won't end up any worse than if he would have taken the sack. PLEASE, explain this to me!!!!!
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