Arbitrary Randomness
Tuesday, July 30, 2002
From an article about SNL:

Throughout its 27-year history, NBC's landmark sketch comedy has fluctuated wildly between eras of comic brilliance and banality. Several years of genius sketches and cast members (Jim Belushi, Eddie Murphy, Dana Carvey, Cheri Oteri) have usually been followed by spurts of sub-par silliness staged by quickly forgotten faces (Gary Kroger, Charles Rocket).

Now I know that my opinion doesn't reflect everyone, but I can't stand Cheri Oteri. I know some people think she was funny, but even those people can't agree that she deserves to be put with the likes of Belushi, Murphy, and Carvey, when it comes to "genius sketches and cast members" of SNL.

Was it me, or was every character she played basically the same? Annoying and loud. Just my fiftieth of a dollar.
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