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Monday, July 01, 2002

"... Under God, Indivisible ..."

Whenever a "church and state" argument comes up, where something that is thought of as "religious" is being taken out of schools, government, etc., I always come back to the following question:

Is anarchy a form of government?

Stay with me, I'll get back to the "church and state" argument in a second, but I think this will help explain my thoughts. My thought is that Anarachy IS a from of government where there is no government (kind of an oxymoron). Even though there is no government, it is a FORM of government, is it not?

If I've lost you so far, this may get more confusing in a second.

Now, if you are in agreement that Anarchy is a form of government, would the same be said of Atheism being a religion? I looked up 'religion' (and 'faith') in a dictionary and found the following

religion: a cause, principle, or system of beliefs held to with ardor and faith ('faith' being "something that is believed especially with strong conviction")

It does not state anything in there about a god. So, by definition, isn't atheism a religion? It is a belief that there is no god (similar to anarchy being a government where there is no government).

If you're still reading, either you're following me, or you're just humoring me.

OK, now atheism is a religion. Isn't the fact that taking 'god', and other related things, out of school and government forcing an atheistic (is that a word) belief onto those who are not atheists?

I do understand atheists' view that they shouldn't have to be forced into a 'god society', but at the same time, I shouldn't have to be forced into a 'non-god society'.

That's just my opinion. Let me know if I'm making sense, or if I'm am way off (seriously).
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