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Wednesday, July 31, 2002
Why do I find myself giggling whenever I use or hear the term "urinal mints"?
A few years ago, I heard something on the radio about Arnold Schwarzenegger considering running for governor of California, and that he was going to decide withing a certain number of days. The punchline was something about giving him time to figure out how to pronounce "Gubernatorial" (said in an Arnold voice).

Now, everytime I see, hear, or say the word "Gubernatorial", I say it (verbally or in my head) in an Arnold voice. It's more funner that way.
Tuesday, July 30, 2002
I've heard that the Cadillac Towers is getting a new mural with the Stanley Cup, and the saying:
"It's only 32 pounds, so why couldn't 29 other teams lift it?" (or something like that)

I'm not sure I like the saying... sounds a little cocky, or sore winner-ish.
From an article about SNL:

Throughout its 27-year history, NBC's landmark sketch comedy has fluctuated wildly between eras of comic brilliance and banality. Several years of genius sketches and cast members (Jim Belushi, Eddie Murphy, Dana Carvey, Cheri Oteri) have usually been followed by spurts of sub-par silliness staged by quickly forgotten faces (Gary Kroger, Charles Rocket).

Now I know that my opinion doesn't reflect everyone, but I can't stand Cheri Oteri. I know some people think she was funny, but even those people can't agree that she deserves to be put with the likes of Belushi, Murphy, and Carvey, when it comes to "genius sketches and cast members" of SNL.

Was it me, or was every character she played basically the same? Annoying and loud. Just my fiftieth of a dollar.
Monday, July 29, 2002
Like the Amazon HateHateHate, I am not telling you that you shouldn't do business with a certain bank that starts with a "C" and ends in an "omerica", but I will just tell you my story.

Here's the boring background information (actually, this entire entry might be boring):

When I opened my checking account at said bank, I already had a savings account with them, and was told that since i had a savings account with them, I could get an interest bearing checking account, that required a minimum balance, but that the checking and savings account would be linked, so as long as I maintained a minimum balance in either the checking or the savings, I would be OK.

So I opened the checking account (this was like 7 or 8 years ago). About 2 years ago, I noticed I started getting a maintenance fee, and thought it was a new monthly fee that they started charging for checking accounts (which I should have questioned right then, but that is what happened at my other bank, which is why I switched in the first place). Being the procrastinator that I am, I never got around to doing anything about switching banks to get a no fee checking.

January of this year, I found out that there isn't a monthly fee, and that I was being charged a maintenance fee for being under my minimum balance. I went in to question it, and found out that somehow they had my account linked to someone else's account, thus going under the minimum balance, and charging me the fee. They were supposed to correct it.

May came by, and they still hadn't corrected it. I went back in, and had the past few months credited back to me, and I was told that it was fixed and that I shouldn't get anymore charges. My latest statement came, and I got charged a maintenance fee AGAIN.

As of noon today, I am no longer a customer of the bank that shares the name with the Tigers' home field.

I couldn't see their secret screen to their computer, but I got the impression that my account accidentally got linked to one of my parents' account. My question is, if i would have overdrawn from my checking account, would it have pulled money from their account? I felt like the security of my money was threatened.

I sent an email after the May/June incident, and said that I was worried about the security of my money with said bank, and that if I wasn't convinced otherwise, I would take my business elsewhere. The reply email said that they apologize for the problem. It contained nothing to assure me of the security of my money in the future.

I'm not telling you not to go there, I am just warning you to check your statements, and question any charge that may look like a "normal" charge.
Is it me, or does this statement by JoePa make no sense (talking about adding a 12th team to the Big Ten):

"A 12th team would help us do a little better job of scheduling," Penn State coach Joe Paterno said. "Eleven is not a real good number. A couple years from now, we're not playing Michigan, and that's not going to go down very well with our fans.

Let's see, if you add a 12th team, that's ANOTHER team that you CAN'T play each year, so how does that help you play Michigan?

I suppose it could, if there were two divisions set up, where you played everyone in your division every year, and if Penn State and Michigan were in the same division.
Friday, July 26, 2002
Sometimes a random quote from a movie, tv show, or commercial will pop in my head, and I start laughing (even if it isn't really a funny quote).

With that said, I started chuckling today when i thought of "CHILI IN THE TEA ROOM!!!!"
"Do you have any more gum?"

(sorry, it got stuck in my head from last night watching...... wait a second, let's play the quote game = )

For a clue, the above line was sung
Thursday, July 25, 2002
Does anyone know where the remote is?
Wednesday, July 24, 2002
Do I not understand the basics of the stock market, or does this not make sense.

Everytime I hear news about the stock market having a big day of "buying" or a big day of "selling" I'm always confused. Isn't it necessary for there to be a seller when someone buys? And isn't it necessary for there to be a buyer when someone sells?

So isn't there always an equal amount of buying and selling?
Unfortunate news on The West Wing front
Monday, July 22, 2002
If you think baseball is boring, will adding Mathmaticians make it more exciting?
Friday, July 19, 2002
A question that I don't like:

"What's the good word of the day?"
Wednesday, July 17, 2002
Don't you hate the day that you change your password, and you keep typing in the old password. NEUMAN!!!
Tuesday, July 16, 2002
What the heck does "remember the time you spent listening to Sports Radio 1130, The Fan" supposed to mean?

How is that a good tag-line?
When you see the commercials for "She Spies", do you think you're seeing commercials for ABC's short lived "Snoops"?? I keep waiting for the song to kick in.

"One way, or another ...."
Monday, July 15, 2002
Are you waiting for a local morning show on 1270??

I sent a question asking about it, and was told that am 1270's parent company also owns the Imus show, and that 1270 is trying to change that, but no luck so far.

Friday, July 12, 2002
I'm searching for better pictures of all three, but can you figure out which one of these is Bob Brenly, which is Dave Wannstedt, and which is Bill Cowher?

For those of us who don't have a sprinkler system, how often have you been watering lately?
Wednesday, July 10, 2002
BEHOLD, The Power of CHEESE!!!!
My question about the all-star game is this:

Why did they put Gordie's number on the field? = )
Tuesday, July 09, 2002
"He wants a shoehorn, the kind with teeth, cuz he knows there's no such thing"
Monday, July 08, 2002
"It's a stupid-yogurt-commercial-with-two-people-in-a-car good"
Wednesday, July 03, 2002
I just realized that I did not blog on my adventure to Ann Arbor 2 weeks ago to see Alton Brown at a book signing.....

On June 21, we went to the Borders in Ann Arbor to meet Alton Brown, author of "I'm just here for the food" and host of "Good Eats" on the Food Network.

Alton was AWESOME!!!! very friendly, and very cordial. He had about a 30 minute Q & A and was very funny, and very appreciative of all of his fans. I would have to guess about 500 showed up for the event, and people were packed in everywhere. Alton said that he would stay there until he got to meet everyone there that wanted to meet him. We were in line for about an hour and 15 minutes or so. He took the time to sign whatever anyone brought to sign (with a few exceptions, he stated he wouldn't sign any rodents, because at a previous book signing, someone asked him to sign a gerbil, and it bit him) and took pictures and talked to everyone in line.

Speaking of Good Eats, we had Maize 'n Blue Deli for dinner..... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Monday, July 01, 2002

"... Under God, Indivisible ..."

Whenever a "church and state" argument comes up, where something that is thought of as "religious" is being taken out of schools, government, etc., I always come back to the following question:

Is anarchy a form of government?

Stay with me, I'll get back to the "church and state" argument in a second, but I think this will help explain my thoughts. My thought is that Anarachy IS a from of government where there is no government (kind of an oxymoron). Even though there is no government, it is a FORM of government, is it not?

If I've lost you so far, this may get more confusing in a second.

Now, if you are in agreement that Anarchy is a form of government, would the same be said of Atheism being a religion? I looked up 'religion' (and 'faith') in a dictionary and found the following

religion: a cause, principle, or system of beliefs held to with ardor and faith ('faith' being "something that is believed especially with strong conviction")

It does not state anything in there about a god. So, by definition, isn't atheism a religion? It is a belief that there is no god (similar to anarchy being a government where there is no government).

If you're still reading, either you're following me, or you're just humoring me.

OK, now atheism is a religion. Isn't the fact that taking 'god', and other related things, out of school and government forcing an atheistic (is that a word) belief onto those who are not atheists?

I do understand atheists' view that they shouldn't have to be forced into a 'god society', but at the same time, I shouldn't have to be forced into a 'non-god society'.

That's just my opinion. Let me know if I'm making sense, or if I'm am way off (seriously).
On my way in this morning, I heard a commercial for Wendy's 99 cent menu. I've thought this before, but this commercial just brought it back to my mind. The commercial is saying how gas has gone up so much, but in the past 12 years, the 99 cent menu has stayed 99 cents.

Here's my thought.... Wendy's is still making money offering these items for 99 cents..... so that means they were ripping us off even more 12 years ago!!!!!!!!

On a completely different topic, I understand that it's the 4th of July week, and that people are going to be setting off fireworks, but I wish people would have some courtesy. I think after 11 is too late to be setting them off. People are trying to sleep (or work in Russ' case). And it wasn't just one or two, there were tons last night going off, and very loud (definitely illegal) fireworks being set off in our subdivision.

Maybe i'm just turning into a cranky old man.

Happy July!!!!!!

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