Arbitrary Randomness
Thursday, May 02, 2002

I've recently read the first two books of "A Series of Unfortunate Events" by Lemony Snicket. They are a series of books for kids (around age 10, I think). I saw them listed on Amazon (sorry Russ, but you will be glad to know I didn't purchase them from Amazon) as books to read if I enjoyed Harry Potter (which I also didn't by from Amazon.... how am I doing, Russ?).

Although I don't think that these books are as good as Harry Potter, they are enjoyable, and a very quick read (a few hours if you just sat down and read it all). They are almost like a dark comedy for kids, if that makes sense. The story is about three orphans, who in the first chapter of the first book (A Bad Beginning), find out that their parents have died in a fire that also destroyed their home. And from there, a series of unfortunate events happen to them. Just when things seem to get a little better, something bad happens.
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