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Tuesday, May 14, 2002

Government 101

I know that the reports have been denied, but I still have a question regarding the news stories about Hillary Clinton running for vice president. Since when do people RUN for vice president? People RUN for the party nomination, and then the nominee gets to choose a VP candidate to run with him or her. And even when you go way back, when the VP was the person who received the 2nd most votes, how would one run for that?? I'm just seeing the campaign ad "Most of you vote for the other guy, but just make sure that some of you vote for me so I can come in second and be your VP"

I do suppose that you could lobby your party's presidential nominee to choose you as the VP, but you don't RUN for the office.

On a totally different topic, I know I'm not up on everything baseball, but did anyone know that Jose Canseco was still playing baseball? I thought he just bought the naming rights to an arena in Indiana.
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