Arbitrary Randomness
Monday, May 13, 2002
As I came downstairs after my shower yesterday morning, I looked out the window, and in the grass saw a bunch of white stuff lying around about a 3 foot diameter circle. I looked closer and realized there was a bird (a rather large bird at that) standing in the middle of it. Somewhat confused, I yelled to my wife (who was upstairs) to look out the window to see what it was (because she is much more knowledgeable about birds and stuff). I ran upstairs to get my camera to zoom in (with my new zoom lens I got for my birfday from my wife = ), and on my way back down, it clicked what the white stuff was...... feathers. By the time i got downstairs with my camera, I zoomed in, but it flew off before i could get the picture taken. As it flew off, you could see that it had something clutched in its claws. After further review, it was determined that the bird was a hawk, and it had got to another bird.

I hope it doesn't come back, because I would hate to have to clean up bird parts all summer, and I feel bad that we've brought the birds there with the bird feeder. I wonder if it was one of them hawks from Athens.
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