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Thursday, January 31, 2002
Don't get me wrong, The West Wing is one of my favorite shows (of all time), but there seems to have been too many characters that have come and gone without explanation. I do realize it is impossible to keep every character's story going, but they could at least explain what happened to them.

Characters that we know nothing about what happened:

Zoey (Elizabeth Moss) - What happened to the relationship between Zoey and Charlie? The last time we saw her was shortly after the shooting at the beginning of season 2
Danny Concannon (Timothy Busfield) - What happened to the "relationship" between C.J. and Danny?The last time we saw her was shortly after the shooting at the beginning of season 2
Gina Toscano (Jorja Fox) - the secret service agent for Zoey... i do realize that you need zoey to have her, but still, what happened to "I've got Backpack"... i also realize she is now on C.S.I. She hasn't been around since Zoey has been gone.
Fitzwallace - Chmn. Joint Chiefs of Staff (John Amos) - He didn't get his answer on the carpet in the oval office!!!!! (thanks for answering that one, Noli = ) We haven't seen him since the first season
Mandy Hampton (Moira Kelly) - I can't say i'm sad about this one. I never really cared for her on the show. Although she was at the townhall where the shooting occured, she didn't make it into season 2 and "In The Shadow of Two Gunman"
Mallory O'Brien (Allison Smith) - ok, this one is a stretch... she's Leo's daughter that has some connections with Sam. the last time we saw her was after they lost Galileo 5 at the beginning of season 2

There are probably more, but that's all i can think of (and i'm not THAT big of a West Wing geek, I did have to look up some stuff = )
I can't wait for New England to play a tough game on Sunday (win or lose) and make Mitch Albom look like an idiot..... well, more so than he already does.

(and now i wait for the pro-Mitch comments...)
Tuesday, January 29, 2002
Am i the only one that is sick of hearing the word "ENRON"??????
While eating bagels at a local bagel place, I wondered why people don't make bagels at home.... it can't be that difficult. I mean, you hear of people who make doughnuts at home, or make their own muffins, but not bagels (at least i don't). Maybe they are a pain....

I did a little searching online, and came across a few recipies. I tried one out last night. They turned out pretty good. They weren't that difficult, but they did take a little time. it took about 2-3 hours for the batch of 6 bagels.... doing a larger batch wouldn't take much longer, that's just the recipe i had. It wasn't like it was 2-3 hours of constant work, there was a 30 and a 40 minute time period where you let the dough rise. I only did plain and salt bagels (didn't want to spend a ton of time if they weren't going to turn out well). Next time I'll have to try something a little more creative. I had a request for chocolate chips. Me not so much, i think i'll do garlic.

Let me know if you want the recipe, it's pretty basic, and if you have a mixer with a dough hook that will do the kneading for you, it's that much easier = )

back to my questions..... when you shower, do you start from the top and go down, or vice-versa? do you shampoo first or last, or somewhere in between???

I start from the top, shampoo first, and work my way down to my feet. Am i doing it right?
Monday, January 28, 2002
Wednesday night, 8-10 PM.... What is one to do?!?!?!?!?!?!??!!?!?!??!?!

UM/MSU or Ed/The West Wing????????
I saw A Beautiful Mind. It is a good movie. It had the guy that was Chandler's freaky roommate, Eddie, in it. "See ya, pals"

This is the start of what might be an ongoing thing.... Have you ever wondered if you are doing things right? Like those things that you do by yourself (get your mind out of the gutter) that you just assume you do "right"?? I've asked this particular question before....not to be gross, but like when you are wiping after you go.... do you lean forward, to the left, or to the right???

Do you use an electric razor, or a regular kind? If regular, does it have one blade, two, or three?? How often do you change your blade??

I just don't know if i'm doing it right!!!!!

anyone notice a lot fewer breaks to commercials during possession changes of the Stl/Phi game on FOX???

OK, i'm done for now
Friday, January 25, 2002
i've had a lot of posts lately.... here's another....

I was going to ask "What ever happened to 'The Fabulous Sports Babe'(Nancy Donnellan)?" but then did a search and apparently she's on ABC radio now.... i guess we don't get her locally.

so with that, i ask....

What ever happened to Chuck Nevitt?
In reference to Bill's January 18th blog on J Lo..... I know there are a lot of actresses that people consider hot, that i don't think are all that, but am i the only one that doesn't see what the big deal is about Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet?
Thursday, January 24, 2002
What ever happened to Gheorghe Mureson?
Wednesday, January 23, 2002
I just read the word extraordinary. Assuming the word extraordinary comes from extra + ordinary, can something really be extra ordinary? I've always wondered that. Isn't that like ordering an "extra regular" pop, or buying an "extra medium" shirt?
You probably read the same yahoo pages i do, but in case you don't.....

time to think before the next time you flush while you are sitting

I'm sure they'll come up with a good story, but isn't Indy invinceble after drinking from the Holy Grail?

Decisions, Decisions...... Do i watch a re-run of The West Wing tonight, or watch the Good Eats episode on Cheesecake.......mmmmmmmmm cheesecake

I have to tell you that i'm a sucker for cheesecake..... there's no holding me back.... My favorite flavor at Stucchi's was Strawberry Cheesecake...... mmmmmmm.......Stucchi's........

dammit, now i'm hungry....... Good thing I'm going for Taco Loco Fresh Dip Tacos today..... and Fidello soup...... mmmmmmmmm
Tuesday, January 22, 2002
I forgot to blog this yesterday...

one part of the golden globes i found pretty funny. When Jennifer Garner was accepting her award for best actress in a TV drama, she said something like, "I want to thank for casting me, I mean, I know I was good in, 'Dude Where's My Car?', but seriously..."

Monday, January 21, 2002
I can't believe i forgot to blog about this.... awhile ago, i saw a show on the food network called "Big Eats" (no relation to "Good Eats"). It was about a hot dog eating contest sponsored by Nathan's coney island in New York. and they did a profile on all the "big names" (no pun intended) on the "eating circuit". and showed these huge men, and their records were anywhere from 15-25 hot dogs (in a 12 minute period). And then they told the story of how the big guy lost the crown last year to some skinny guy from Japan (i think). and then they announced all the contestants and they had an "unknown" from Taiwan (i think). This kid (relatively small) ate 50 HOT DOGS in 12 minutes. that's averaging over 4 hot dogs a minute. one every 15 seconds. He would take two hot dogs out of the buns, and munch those up, then dip the buns in water and eat them.... it was pretty disgusting to watch, and yet, i couldn't stop watching.

Chrysler has gone downhill on their commercials... First it was the concorde, now i'm not sure i quite understand the point of the "Minivan Swapping" commercial. Why is it that the guy wants to ride in the other minivan? They are both Chrysler. I could see the point if the guy had another car and wanted to SWITCH FOR the Chrysler minivan.... that would make sense to me, but he already has one. Then, while he is out with the other guy's minivan, he looks to hook up for another switch for another minivan, swapping the one that isn't even his!!!
Friday, January 18, 2002
Don't you hate when you are stuck in traffic behind a big cow.
Wednesday, January 16, 2002
I meant to comment on this earlier... back to Russ and my favorite thing to blog about.... the Lockerroom.

I might have misunderstood Gibby yesterday, but they were talking about salaries in baseball, and the number of teams and stuff. I think Gibby was trying to look smart (ok, i'll wait so you can contain your laughter...................................................................................................... done laughing yet?........) and make reference to the 80-20 rule when he said, "80% of the money is made by 30% of the players."

I thought it was funny.
Shane Mathews is really focused on his up coming playoff game..... He's talking about how he would like to reunite with his college coach, Steve Spurrier, in Washington. The question is.... why would Spurrier want him??
Monday, January 14, 2002
I've meant to blog about this for awhile, but keep forgetting. There is currently a Rice Krispies commercial on now with Snap, Crackle, and Pop, climbing on a billboard. I still don't understand why they are standing on a billboard, but that's not the point. Their voices are totally wrong, and didn't they used to only say, "Snap, Crackle, Pop, RICE KRISPIES" in a nice friendly voice? it just doesn't sound right in the new commercial.

I made my first mistake this morning when i turned to WDFN this morning. I usually try not to do that, as it frustrates me easier than Kirk Gibson and Eli Zaret on the Lockeroom. But I was listening to Jamie and Gregg this morning, and they were talking about the MSU timekeeper, and how he is trying to scam another win for the spartans. The first being the UM/MSU football game this past season, and the second being the MSU/Wisconsin basketball game on Saturday. I am a Michigan guy, and here is my thoughts (I am preparing myself to be HateHateHated).... In football, the official time is kept on the field, so what is on the scoreboard is not necessarily correct. We have no idea what the "real" time was when the ball was spiked. It's the blatent holding call that got me on that one, but that's another story. Now in reference to the Wisconsin basketball game, they were saying that the time keeper tried to make it so the basket would count. For those who didn't see the game, MSU was down 1 point with 0.2 seconds on the clock. The ball was thrown in to Torbert, who shot in the "winning basket" befor the buzzer went off. By rule, if there are 0.3 seconds left or less, the ball must be tipped in (not enough time to catch and shoot). The question is whether or not Torbert "tipped" it in or not. I'm not sure what the official definition of "tipped" is, but that's not the point of my annoyance with Jamie and Gregg. They were saying that the time keeper tried to make the game longer so that MSU would win. When I saw it, the clock did not start right away... in super slow motion, but i would say the clock did start within a half a second of when the ball was touched, and that has to be pretty tough to get the clock to start at the exact instant that a player touches the ball. Jamie and Gregg are full of it... OK, i've wasted too much time on Jamie and Gregg.

That probably didn't make much sense, but I'm going to post it anyway.

Happy Monday!!!!
Thursday, January 10, 2002
i don't know why, but i found this funny (from an article about the Minnesota Vikings reported to hire Tice to replace Green)....

In a related story, The Star Tribune reported that Green has ruled out a return to coaching next season. He will instead be a commentator for a live fishing show on the PAX network channel while pursuing a chance to broadcast NFL games.

WARNING!!!! I'm talking about last night's episode of Ed and The West Wing, so if you haven't seen it yet, and don't want to know, don't read on!!!!!!!

Don't get me wrong, I love The West Wing, but from last night's episode, does that mean that the whole MS thing is done with? I mean, I know it will have something to do with the election, but is the whole hoopla over with? I just seems to have ended kind of easily. All the discussion of all the senior staff getting a subpoena, whether Charlie would need a lawyer, or be able to afford one, etc., etc., etc. All that doesn't mean anything now? I was looking forward to Leo being a smart ass again at the hearings. Those were some great scenes.

and on Ed, is anyone else thinking that Dr. Burton is going to open up a doctor's office in Stuckeybowl? a combo bowling alley/lawyer/doctor all in one!!!! You can go bowling, get injured, and sue someone all in the same location. what a great concept.

blah blah blah.... i'm done for now
Wednesday, January 09, 2002
I have a correction to an earlier post. Anna Kournikova has one a grand slam championsip in doubles at the Australian Open. My apologies.
Have i mentioned before my dislike for Bob Barker?? I don't really like him. I never really have. In college, whilst watching The Price Is Right, I would think that he was senile. He would forget the most basic things....

I have to admit, I am a game show junkie, and I love the Game Show Network. I've watched a lot of Match Game recently, and when Bob Barker is on, he has to comment EVERY TIME before he reveals his answer. He tries to be funny, but usually fails. I know that all the celebrities talk before showing their answers, but not every frickin' time. Maybe it's just because I already dislike him, which makes everything he does annoying, but he just goes on, and on, and on.....

Game Show network needs to have "Sale of the Centuty"... that was a good one.... remember when weekday morning TV was filled with game shows instead of crap talk shows? oooohhhh, "Scrabble"... I loved that... I was pretty good at that one.

In reference to Bill complaining about Brent Musberger, I think that Brent is the Howard Cosell of today..... although that is probably giving Brent too much credit.
Tuesday, January 08, 2002
this is going to be me speaking somewhat ignorant about baseball again, but is the baseball hall of fame election process a bunch of crap?

I was reading an article on Ozzie Smith making it into the Hall of fame.

Reading through the article, i gleaned that you have 15 years of eligibility to be on the ballot. You need 75% to get in, and you need at least 5% to remain on the ballot.

There was mention that Gary Carter missed being elected by 11 votes, but his percentage is going up. 34% in '99, 49.7% in '00, 65% in '01, and now 72.7% in '02 (by the way, that's the first time i've typed '02... however, i did write '2002' on checks last night). How is it that a player gets "better" without playing at all??

I don't really care, but i just thought i would blog, cuz it sounded kinda hokey to me (no offense to any VaTech fans)
I haven't had many exciting blogs lately... not sure why... maybe i'm just not thinking hard enough.

I have had some interesting blog hits lately: Patricia Heaton Nude, Jimmy Spiderman Allen, Hate Nebraska Jokes, Hate Comcast, and William Zabka

I think I will double my hits by adding this comment: I think I heard that Anna Kournikova and Martina Hingis will be doubles partners in the Australian Open. This could be a chance for Kournikova to get her first Grand Slam Title.

Something tells me most of the hits won't be for people looking for tennis related stuff.
Thursday, January 03, 2002
Just to explain some of the added twists to this, you must consider which team you are selecting players from.....

if you select a player from a team with a first round bye, they will have the possibility of playing one less game than a team that is playing the first round of the playoffs.

Just wanted to add to your confusion = )
Fantasy Football for the Playoffs....

There are 12 teams in the playoffs. You will chose one player from 7 of the teams to fill this roster: QB, 2RB, 2WR, TE, K

Here are the rules, you can only pick one player from any playoff team, so you will have 7 players from 7 different teams (for example, you would not be able to select both Kurt Warner and Marshall Faulk).

Multiple teams can have the same players. It is possible for to have two teams with the exact same line up.

Since I don't know if I can set up a league this way (I will attempt to if i can find the time), we will simplify the scoring slightly from our regular season scoring (in case i have to do it manually).

Passing 1 pt for every 25 yards
Rushing 1 pt for every 10 yards
Receiving 1 pt for every 10 yards
2 pt conv 2 pts
TD 6 pts
Int -2

pat 1 pt
miss pat -2 pt
fg (0-39) 3 pts
fg (40-49) 4 pts
fg (50+) 5 pts
miss fg(0-39) -2 pts
miss fg(40-49) -1 pt
miss fg(50+) 0 pt

No defensive points
no special team points (if your player returns a kickoff/punt/int, you do NOT get yardage or TD points)

You do not replace players once their team has been eliminated, thus you could lose 4 players in the first week (depending on which teams you take your players from)

Totals will be cumualtive over the duration of the playoffs... you don't play against another team.... most points after all playoff games wins. (just pride, no dollars)

Example team (players taken from non playoff teams, so i don't secretly give away my team)

QB: Mike McMahon (Detroit)
RB: Eddie George (Tennessee)
RB: Travis Henry (Buffalo)
WR: Mushin Muhammed (Carolina)
WR: Randy Moss (Minnesota)
TE: Tony Gonzalez (Kansas City)
K: Jay Feely (Atlanta)

Please note that no two players are from the same team

Teams must be submitted to me by Noon o'clock, Thursday, January 10th. I will compile the list of teams and send those out.

any questions, let me know.

let me know if you are in or not ASAP so I know if it's just going to be Bill and I (in which case, we would probably still go through with it = )
Hey Russ,

Are you all right??? no posts in quite awhile now...... Or is it just that the Holiday season is not the HateHateHate season = )
well, i posted something yesterday about "The American President" but it doesn't appear to have posted....

I don't recall everything i said, but it had something to do with it being very "Sorkin-esque" and much like "The West Wing". and something about me getting confused in scenes with Martin Sheen, in that i mistook him for the President.... but it was a verry good movie. I liked it.

not that that is any in depth analysis. I also posted something about a few commercials that I saw in the previous days that i thought were funny/enjoyable. One was the Disney one with the family where the mom leaves, and the dad and the kids reinact the Lion King. Another was the VW commercial where the guy licks the car. and the third was the capital one chimpanzee commercial.

I had more in depth thoughts on these things yesterday, but i can't remember them now. All I remember is asking Russ to hate away on those commercials (and others) = )

Hope everyone had a great holiday (and a safe one, too).
Wednesday, January 02, 2002
Thanks to Noli, I think I have comments back.... hopefully you can see some below....

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