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Friday, November 30, 2001
Does anyone use the word "gallivanting" other than the phrase "... out gallivanting around..." ??

Maybe this year, for the NHL All-star game, instead of having North America vs. the World, they should have the Detroit Red Wings vs. The World.
So we've been getting some magazine subscriptions at our house for S S Jones and R R Jones. One of the magazines is GQ (Gentleman's Quarterly). I've never actually looked through one before, outside of a quick skim, and as I thumbed through the December Issue, I notice a few things. First of all, it was the DECEMBER issue, which came after we received the NOVEMBER issue of Gentleman's QUARTERLY. This is a monthly magazine, so why is it called QUARTERLY??? I don't know for sure, but it's probably similar to the Big Ten, where it used to be a quarterly magazine, then changed to monthly, but they kept the name, especially since it's usually referred to as just 'GQ'. Kind of like the Big Ten is put in words, rather than Big 10. I'm not saying that the word 'ten' doesn't mean '10', but at least they are not enumerating (is that a word?) 10.

The other thing with GQ that I was surprised at was the amount of advertising. HOLY COW!!!! I bet there are more ads in there than not ads. Some of the companies have 8-10 page ads. That's why the magazine is over 300 pages.

OK, i think that's all i have to say about that.
Thursday, November 29, 2001
Thanks Russ for correcting me on my lack of knowledge of baseball and baseball related things..... Russ knows all

By the way, Russ and Noli, how the hell did you know "Curly Sue"???

One quick note on The West Wing.... While I love the show, and enjoy it tremendously, I was thinking this morning... near the end of the first season, there was dialogue between Leo and Bartlet at the end of an episode titled "Let Bartlet Be Bartlet"... The dialogue went something like this:

BARTLET: I want to speak.
LEO: Say it out loud. Say it to me.
BARTLET: This is more important than reelection. I want to speak now.
LEO: Say it again.
BARTLET: This is more important than reelection. I want to speak now.
LEO: Now we're in business!

Now we come to this season (and even the end of last season) where the staff is doing (or not doing) certain things so that it won't look bad for re-election. Seems a little contradicting. Don't get me wrong, I still love the show, and the Bartlet needs to get re-elected to continue the show, but I just found that interesting.
Now that i finally got the hit counter up, I want to see what weird searches bring people to this page when I add the words nude and naked. Why isn't naked one syllable like baked, or caked, or shaked, or raked, or faked, or maked ???
Wednesday, November 28, 2001
Bud Selig... get your head out of your *#$!!!! You say that baseball needs contaction because it has lost "more than $500 million, and 25 of your clubs are in the red..."

Here's a thought... impose some sort of salary cap that doesn't allow owners to keep paying players outrageous salaries!!!!! $25 million per year?!?!?!? come on...

here's another thought.... get a 3rd party commissioner... someone who isn't an owner. Isn't that a conflict of interest? I thought i remember hearing a few years ago that Judge Wapner was interested in the position. Would Rusty be his deputy. Sometimes things pop in my head like this.... (sing to "I shot the sheriff") "Wapner is the Commish.... and Rusty is his deputy"

maybe i'm way off here, cuz i can't speak intelligently about baseball, but this just seems ridiculous. Are you trying to tell me that there weren't any money problems in MLB four years ago when you expanded to two more teams?

I watched last week's Ed and The West Wing on tape earlier this week. Pretty good episodes. I laughed a lot.... particularily the Butterball phone call on The West Wing.... wouldn't it be cool to have a phone that you could pick up and say things like "I need the zip code for Fargo, North Dakota" and have someone walk into the room less than a minute later with the answer.

I am excited that one of the two episodes of The West Wing that I have missed over the last two and a half years is on next week. The episode entitled "Ellie". Not that you care, I just thought i would mention it.

Instead of a movie quote, here's a quote from "The West Wing"... no guessing necessary, since I just told you where it was from...
"... And until you do, you can all get your fat asses out of my White House."
Monday, November 26, 2001
after 2 losses, the Pistons got back on track with a win over the grizzlies.... hey, at least they are beating the teams they are supposed to beat.... the Clippers are back in last place, but they are only 2 games under .500

At 4-6, the Arizona Cardinals are only 2 games out of first place in the NFC East

I know that we've all been hanging on a thread of hope, but it is now true. The Detroit Lions are officially mathematically out of the playoffs.

I've never understood why long distance phone calls cost more than local calls. What more are is the phone company doing to make those calls happen? I know in the old days, there were operators that connected calls and that i can see charging more for, but now, isn't everything automatic? That's like going to a driving range and having them charge you more for the balls that you hit further...actually, that makes more sense, because the cart has to drive further to pick up those balls, thus using more gas, and costing more. so if driving ranges can pick up the tab on further hit balls, why can't the phone companies pick up the tab when my call is to a person further away?

Because I continue to strive to be like Russ, I will continue to comment on commercials....that commercial for Chrysler Concord is just wrong.

It's been quite awhile since i've had a movie quote...
Bill will get this one, if Russ or Noli does, I will be VERY impressed.... (it's a line from a song from a movie)

"A certain rule of thumb, that's often been neglected,
is live life as it comes, expect the unexpected"

extra points if you can give me the title of the song
even more points if you can tell me who sang the song
Wednesday, November 21, 2001
ok, so the site counter appears to have worked now that i posted that it wasn't (it wasn't there earlier, I promise)... not that you care.... i need to hit refresh so it looks like more people have visited : )

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i've never been a mitch albom fan, but i stumbled upon an article that he wrote today ( and found out that he's been writing for the free press since 1985...... Outside of 1987, the tigers haven't been that good since they won it in 1984. coincidence????? I blame it all on Mitch. = )

Ed will not be aired tonight on WDIV, so that they can bring us a holiday special (holiday memories from greenfield village). They will air the episode tomorrow at 5PM... i hope i remember to tape it.

Michigan Basketball is 2-0, pistons beat the raptors, and clippers played competitive against the lakers.... that's a good sign....

I was listening over the internet to a radio interview with Alton Brown (from "Good Eats" on the food network) and apparently there is something on the market called "Tofurkey"

I need you opinion... We have a water heater that is 12 years old. We've been told that the life of a water heater is 7-10 years. While shopping for a new one, someone told us "wait till it breaks... it may last 20 years".... so, do we wait until it breaks, or, replace it now, so we don't wake up one morning to a really cold shower. There's a lot of "clanking going on in the water heater, which i've read is due to an excess of sediment build up, which will diminish the efficiency of the water heater, but does it shorten the life?? I haven't been able to determine that yet.

I changed the code in my template to include a counter, but have yet to see it appear.... not sure what's up, although when i have made changes in the past, they seem to take a day or three to appear. hopefully soon. I'd like to see what searches are bring people to this page (if any).

Tuesday, November 20, 2001
I can't wait for the J Lo concert, before you start making fun of me, it's not so that i can watch it, it's so I no longer have to watch those annoying "...for the first time..." commercials.

Is it just me, or have there been very few (if any) commercials about the Olympics. Not that I'm complaining, but we usually see commercials months in advance, and we're only about 2.5 months away (feb 8). Just seems kind of odd.
Monday, November 19, 2001
Why couldn't OSU just cooperate and beat Illinois.

So we have this cardboard cut-out tree on the wall at work, and it has cardboard ornaments on it for Adopt-a-family, with gifts to purchase for the adopt-a-family charity thinger.... So I'm reading over some of the ornaments, and came across one for a father of a family that is requesting "DVDs - Action/Comedy". Now, I'm not usually one to tell people how to spend their money, but if you our in the adopt-a-family program, and you are worried about getting a new DVD for Christmas, I think there's something wrong with that. I don't know much about the Adopt-a-family program, but I'm really curious if they have a screening process. Not only did this person request the DVD, but someone at Adopt-a-family past this list along to our company. Something about this just doesn't seem right.... Is it just me, or is this really strange?
Thursday, November 15, 2001
what did the President say at the end of The West Wing last night when C.J. asked him what his answer was to "the question" (why do you want to run for president?)

I heard him say something like "i've been thinking about that for the past few hours...." Then i didn't make out what he said after that... was it "I don't know yet"??

If you know, please let me know.... thanks.
w00t! Reblogger is working again!!!

Well, the Pistons are still in contention, just one game out of first. The Clippers are on a 2 game winning streak and have come back up to .500. The other teams I'm rooting for this year are the Mavericks (I think it's because of Juwan and that goofy owner they have) and the Pacers (Jalen). I'm not sure why, but I don't root for Webber. Not that I root against him, just not for him, like I do with Jalen and Juwan.

Maybe because Jalen and Juwan gave me 2 years of entertainment in Ann Arbor, and Webber only gave me one (ok, now before you start saying it was 3 and 2, i'm referring to the number of years they played while I was there).

Although I try to hate commercials well, You can't beat an original ... HateHateHate
Tuesday, November 13, 2001
Since re-blogger doesn't appear to be working:

Russ: But it's so much fun to hate commercials.... you're just jealous i beat you to the punch..... just remember, imitation is the sincerest form of something or other

Noli: now when you say cows, do you mean cows, as in "Mooooooo", or is that a euphamism for testicle?

Bill: Which muscles exactly were you working on while watching Kiana???

Monday, November 12, 2001
Another Russ-like blog.... complaining about commercials... actually, only one complaint, and one liking of a commercial, so that would be one anti-Russ-like blog.

First the complaint:
Have you seen the Red Lobster commercial about the 30 shrimp deal thinger, where they have these two scientist-looking guys in a lab with a fake waiter/waitress testing how many shrimp they can put on the plate before the arm falls off?? they are counting, and the put on 29, and the arm is OK, they put on the 30th one, and the arm falls off. Then they agree that 30 is the right number. Aren't all the waitstaff going to lose their arms now?? shouldn't they have only put 29 on, since 30 is going to break all the arms??

Now the commercial I find somewhat humorous:
Usually i find the cell phone commercials to be pretty lame, from the voice stream ones with Jaime Lee Curtis, to the other ones with that guy (i know that was vague, but I'm guessing you know which ones I'm talking about). I can't tell you which company this one is for (I think it might be the ones with that guy), but it's the one with the couple that wanted a trip to some ski resort, and got it to palm springs, and they show the kids playing on the golf course and making "snow angels" in the sand trap. For some reason, that makes me laugh.

I also laugh every time i see the dominos commercial with the cheesy bread, where the delivery guy gives the kids the cheesy bread in the driveway, and then delivers the pizza, and the guy at the house says "I don't have any kids"

I have a weird sense of humor
Friday, November 09, 2001
Is it just me, or are records for the amount of money movies make insignificant. Of course the records are going to keep getting broken, because ticket prices keep getting higher, and the population also increases, which cause more people to pay more for tickets which break records. To me, they should do the records on the ATTENDENCE rather than the $$ made. Even the attendence would always get bigger, because of the number of people in the world is constantly growing, but would be more of a realistic comparison than $$. just my random thought for the moment.
Thursday, November 08, 2001
I think the Pistons really improved this year by acquiring Clifford Robinson, Zeljko Rebraca. The two big men have been playing well, and it appears that the team is starting to come together. Last night, Jerry Stackhouse only took 8 SHOTS!!! That's right, only 8 shots. That's amazing. I think this will really help the team to have the ball spread around more. They are 4-1.... at this rate, they will end the season 66-16!!!! (OK, so that's wishful thinking).

The Clippers won, too. I know, no one cares about the Clippers but me. Hopefully Lamar Odom can stay of the drugs, and stay on the team.

I missed Ed and The West Wing last night. Taped them both, so I hope they are good (Russ, are you going to get me back and ruin the endings for me?). Not that anyone cares, I'm just filling up space.

Wednesday, November 07, 2001
The Good - Pistons have started out 3-1
The Bad - Clippers have started out 1-3
The Ugly - Injured NBA Runner up Sixers are 0-4
Are you troubled by the BCS?? Do you stay awake at night, trying to understand how it all works?? Well fear no more... This site is the best explanation I've seen as to how the BCS is calculated, and what each thing means. I found it pretty interesting, especially the part on how the teams are chosen for which bowl games.

Tuesday, November 06, 2001
If nobody tells me I am wrong (see link below) does that mean I'm right?
Monday, November 05, 2001
be warned.... this is a long, and possibly boring one.... plus, I might be turning into Russ with the number of dislike/hate complaints i have coming...

I had the opportunity to watch quite a bit of TV yesterday, including football, baseball, and emmy's (not to mention that Shawshank was on). What's a guy to do when all those things are on at the same time!!!!! well, my thumb got an exercise flipping channels.

There were two commercials i saw yesterday that i wanted to complain about (and be like Russ), but now I can't remember them.

Congrats to the Diamondbacks. In previous posts, i have stated that i wasn't interested in the playoffs, but i found myself sucked into watching Game 7 from the seventh inning on. That was pretty exciting. I can't imagine how excited i would have been had I actually cared. Would have been more like the UM/MSU game on Saturday....

....hindsight is 20/20, but why did walker pick up that punt instead of letting it go in the endzone.... D'OH!!! and that's all I have to say about that.

... Are the Lions all that bad? The last 4 games they've lost by a total of 20 points. They've been in each of those games, they just can't get that last rally for a score.

...And now for my big complaints.... the Emmys... Was anyone else annoyed by the periodic stoppages of audio and video?? For awhile, I was ready to call up Comcast to complain about the cable, but when i flipped on another TV that had an antenna instead of cable, the same thing happened. It was so annoying, and I still don't know if it's the fault of CBS, or the Emmys or who. it just sucked.

...I'm not a barbra streisand fan to begin with (not only am I not a fan, i have a dislike for her). I was bummed when i found out that she won the best individual performance in a variety show, especially right before they announced the winner, the presenter said "if you can sing, dance, and " you're a shoe-in... which made me think Wayne Brady was going to win....then, she didn't even come out to accept her award, although she was there, as she showed up for the finale. what's up with that.... also, didn't she retire?? so why is she still singing?... and if that wasn't enough to boost her already huge ego, she asked everyone to look at her website.... You know what barbra..... WE DON'T GIVE A RIP!!!! WHY DON'T YOU JUST RETIRE FOR GOOD!!!.... Please do me a favor, and don't visit her website.

...OK, enough about that... on the brighter side of the Emmys, The West Wing did well, and Patricia Heaton said "Stop looking at my wiener."

... One final thing about the Emmys... I always find it interesting, the part where they show the actors/actresses who have died over the past year, and I realize all those I forgot about, or never even realized that they had died.... I was looking for a list online to find out who they showed, because I can't remember right now... The only two that i can remember seeing, that i didn't realize had past away were Jason Robards, and one of the Hanna/Barbara duo (I feel bad i don't even remember which)..

OK, that's enough babbling

Friday, November 02, 2001
Holy Cow!!!! DePaul and Syracuse each started their exhibition games yesterday for college basketball. I didn't realize that season was upon us so quickly. How does one keep up!!! College football, NFL, NBA, NHL, and now college basketball!!!! not to mention the world series if you're into that. I haven't really been following, but I've heard that the games have been pretty exciting. Unless you are not a Yankee's fan. two come from behind victories in the 9th inning???

In reference to Russ's blog about the comcast halloween costume commercial, I heard an intro to the lockerroom, which took snipits of that commercial, and plugged in soundbytes from the lockerrom show, and also commented on the lockerroom's "Originality" which i thought was kind of ironic, since they were stealing from another commercial.

I was bummed last night on the second episode of Friends, they didn't show the original epilogue, which was quite possibly the funniest part of the show. They showed a promotion for another NBC movie/show, instead of Ross playing the bagpipes in front of everyone, then asking everyone to sing along (when none of them recognize the tune), and Phoebe starts screaming "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh " (trying to match the annoying bagpipe sounds.... well, maybe you had to see it).
Thursday, November 01, 2001
I have to say, I was surprised that we only got about 15-20 trick or treaters yesterday.... none before 6 and none after 8..... I don't know if it's our location in the neighborhood, or peoples fears this year, or what.... my parents said they had about 150+, so I'm thinking it's not because of the fear people have.

I would have to say that spongebob squarepants is a pretty funny looking costume.... I kinda like it

So we had a guy come out and look at our dryer last week, and he needed to order parts that were supposed to be delivered to our house this week, so that he could fix our dryer today. They were supposed to call us last night to let us know when they would be here today. No parts were delivered this week, and they called last night and said that they had the parts and were wondering if they could come out on Monday.... well, I clarified that they had the parts, and she said, "yes, we have the two parts..... oh, wait.... one of the parts is on backorder until the 16th...." .... OK, now we've already been without our dryer for two weeks, and now we are going to be out another 2 weeks, and this is because the delivered a damaged dryer to us about a month and a half ago. Something tells me that when they placed the order last week, they probably knew then that the part was on backorder, yet they waited until last night to let us know. Sears may soon get on my hate list that I do not have, but we'll see if they can save their name by how they respond to our complaint. Afterall, I am a stockholder, I should give them a chance.

If you get a chance to go to the zoo during the week in the fall, I highly recommend it. Monday was an awesome day. True, some of the animals were not out due to the cooler weather, but many of them were out and somewhat active. Not that the lions and tigers were running and jumping or anything, but at least they were out walking around. It was really cool. Plus, during the week in the fall, there are barely any people there. It was very nice not seeing a gagillion little kids running and screaming. It was a nice day at the zoo..... well, maybe i shouldn't have told you the secret, now you are all going to go out to the zoo in the fall during the week, and it will be crowded.... then again, 4 more people probably won't make a difference.

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