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Tuesday, October 02, 2001
Will Fresno State get a raw deal?? Fresno State could very well go undefeated, beating up on the other WAC schools the rest of the year. If the finish the year undefeated, will they be in the top 2 to go to the Rose Bowl for the Championship? or will they even make it into the top 6 to be guaranteed a BCS game?

My thought is maybe for the championship, but I think they will be for sure in the top 6 (given they win out). Right now Fresno is 10 in the AP and 11 in ESPN/CNN. Every team ahead of them plays another team that is ahead of them, thus each team has the opportunity to lose, and half the teams will have at least one loss. Depending on how far each team drops after a loss, Fresno should move up at least 5 spots by the end of the year, putting them in 5th in the AP and 6th in ESPN/CNN.

The big question is strength of schedule in the BCS rankings. You have to give Fresno credit for scheduling at Colorado, Oregon State, at Wisconsin (each are in the "others receiving votes" category now, but were strong teams to begin with). Should they be pentalized for playing in a weaker conference?? Maybe penalized isn't the right word, but i do think a one loss record in the Big Ten or SEC is better than an undefeated WAC.

Now that I've bored you to death, I think Fresno should and will be in the top 6, and make it to a BCS game if they go undefeated. I don't think they will make it to the championship game, although if there is only one other undefeated team out there, I think they deserve the opportunity to play in Pasadena (that is, of course, unless Michigan is the team that gets bumped out of the game = )
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