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Tuesday, October 30, 2001
i thought i saw a commercial while flipping through channels a while back, but thought my mind was playing tricks on me, but I stumbled across the ebay auction game. I don't even know what to say
Why is it that everytime i try and purchase items from local OfficeDepot, via, they wait until i'm am checking out, and submitting my order to notify me that they are out of stock of certain items (which happen to take me below the minimum needed for the coupon to work). If i had a hatelist, i think might be on there.

I saw a commercial for the Emmys last night with the tagline "the show must go on"..... I find it funny, since it has been postponed twice already. If the show really must go on, wouldn't it have gone on the first time? Maybe i'm going too deep into it, but it just seems kinda strange to me.... almost like it is diminishing the significance of the WTC and Pentagon crashes. I know that wasn't there intent, but it just sounds corny to me.

Speaking of the WTC, i find it kind of funny all the different names that have been put on it: The Events of September 11th, The September 11th Tragedy, The World Trade Center Bombing, The Attacks, etc., etc., etc. I wonder what it will be called in the future in history books.

I think one of the funniest bathroom graffiti lines i've ever seen was: "If you took a crap, put it back"

"Have you tried STAPLES?"

Friday, October 26, 2001
OK, it's been awhile since i've said anything of value (ok, who said "when was that?").... not sure why i haven't thought of anything lately, but here are some random thoughts.

- my tv watching has been limited in the past few weeks due to pre wedding stuff, and post wedding settling in. I have managed to watch 2 episodes of each "The West Wing" and "Ed" (missing the second episode of each), and i'm glad to see Bonnie Hayne is gone, although i have a sneaky feeling it won't be the last of her.

- I have had no interest in the baseball playoffs

- Michigan football has surprised me.... I honestly thought we would be looking at an 8-4 season (which is still possible) since we lost most of our offense. Good Job, Lloyd, and the team in Ann Arbor. they probably won't make it to the top 1 or 2 in the BCS, but hopefully they will win the big ten and make it to a BCS game.

- I'm excited to see what Tommy Amaker brings to the UM basketball program this year.... I think it will be about a .500 year record wise, which, unfortunately, will be an improvement (not unfortunate that they are improving, but unfortunate that going .500 is an improvement).

- sports, sports, sports, sports, sports, sports, sports, sports, sports

"daisy, daisy, come to the daisy sale
It's the best sale of the summer
not to go would be a bummer
so come on in
so come on in
so come on in (record skipping)"

name that commercial
Wednesday, October 24, 2001
I would have just put this on the reblogger, but it doesn't appear to be working right now....

I don't think i'll be able to stump both Noli and Russ....

Noli, I think Zabka was a bad guy in European Vacation, cuz he cheated on Audrey whilst she was in Europe.

"take a vacation from my PROBLEMS!!!"
"Hey lazer lips, your mother was a snowblower!!!"
Monday, October 22, 2001
I don't really have anything to say, but thought i would go a different route with the quote.... It's not a movie or TV show quote, but from a song.... not necessarily a lyric to a song, but just part of some random talking at the beginning of the song.....

"well, does he like butter tarts?"

(the alternative was "Mexican food is spicy" said by Brian Nolan on the Tearjerks CD)
Friday, October 19, 2001
am i stumping people, or are people just not reading this blog?

William Zabka... i think he was a bad guy in pretty much every movie, from Karate Kid to Back to School, to this wonderful movie......
my clues have to be obscure enough so that you won't be able to find the answer by looking at

like if i gave you actors/actresses or names of characters, you would be able to search, so how about this.... another quote from the movie...

(guy talking to a girl): "Of course you're confused, you're wearing my underwear"

i can't believe I've stumped Russ and Noli. I'll give an actor clue next....
Thursday, October 18, 2001
So it's been a week since i've last blogged, and a lot has happened. I got married after all. Followed by a relaxing honeymoon in Traverse City.

I have to say, I had a blast, both at the wedding and the Honeymoon. I hope the guests also had fun. They have told me that they did. I don't know what else to say, except that it was a lot of fun.

Check this site out for pictures, and feel free to add comments.

Hmmmm..... a week went by with no guesses to the "cindy loowwwwppperrr" quote.... maybe a clue is in order (either that, or nobody has looked here in awhile)

The movie came out in 1985, and is in the rotation of movies rerun on comedy central (don't want to give away too much right away)
Thursday, October 11, 2001
OK, I need to come up with an obscure movie quote that will stump you guys..... here goes......

"Riiiight.... and I'm Cyndi Lowwwper." (note the attempt to spell out the pronounciation of Lauper)
Wednesday, October 10, 2001
Is it the fact that I'm not an avid baseball fan, or is there no interest in the MLB playoffs? I forgot that the playoffs had started, and Atlanta is already up 2-0 in their series. I think it's going to take a competitive Tiger team to get me back into baseball. I did pretty well following the Tigers this year, even though it wasn't a great year for them. I followed their record, and caught the score many times whilst flipping through channels. I even watched large portions of games. Not that you care, just stating that I'm trying to get into baseball, it's just not working outside of Detroit. Oh well, at least i don't need a competitive Lions team to get into football = )
don't have much time to say stuff but thought i would throw in a quote:

"chip, chip, chip, chip, chip, chip, chip, chip..... NANNY!!!!!"
Monday, October 08, 2001
I forgot to mention last week the ending to my cable story. After reading up on the satellite/sun spot theory, I found out that it should only effect the cable for only a few minutes a day. So when i got home Wednesday night, and the cable was still out, I figured something was up. I called up the cable company again, and this time I was told that my cable box wasn't listed on my account. Not sure why, so she added it back in, and magically, the cable came back.

Although i was happy to have my cable back, I was a bit pissed off that it wasn't fixed on Tuesday, and instead, I was given the satellite syzygy excuse (if you know what syzygy is, I'll be surprised, but it is when three or more planetary objects line up, or something like that. I just think it's fun to say).

I did complain and get two days credited to my account, but was still feeling like I lost something.

Anyone looking, or know of anyone looking for a house in Warren?

Friday, October 05, 2001
I caught part of a Saturday Night Live rerun on Comedy Central last night. It was kind of strange.... when "Weekend Update" came on, there were two "stories" on in a row that were kind of strange. The first was in reference to the interview bin Laden had done a few years ago with a reporter from ABC (I can't think of his name right now), and it was followed by a story about Michael Jordan retiring. I just thought it was kind of odd, since both have been in the news this past month.

I had something else to say, but can't think of what it was now that I'm at the computer. oh well.

Wednesday, October 03, 2001
OK, I need to know if anyone has heard this line before from the cable company....

Our cable was out at the new house yesterday, and it was weird. We couldn't get any audio or video, but the information comes up on the screen (what show is on, time it started, etc.). So I call the cable company and she says something to the effect of, "It's a known problem, it has something to do with the satellites, sorta like an eclipse and something is getting in the way of the satellites, which will cause periodic loss of cable between now and October 15th"

Now I've been fed this line before, but in the past, i at least had a picture, it was just a fuzzy picture. And why can I still get a picture at the old house, and not the new house??

Has anyone had this excuse fed to them, and is it really true?? It sounds like a line of crap to me, but hey, what do i know.

Remember the old Michigan Lottery commercial with the tag line "all you need is a number" and the guy throughout the day encounters the numbers "104" multiple times. And then there was the other Michigan Lottery commercial where the guy climbs up a mountain to talk to the wise man, and the wise man tells him the daily three will be "8-9-8", and the guy tells him the number he was going to bet, and then goes back the next day, and the wise man won with the guy's numbers? why do i remember that stuff?

Tuesday, October 02, 2001
Will Fresno State get a raw deal?? Fresno State could very well go undefeated, beating up on the other WAC schools the rest of the year. If the finish the year undefeated, will they be in the top 2 to go to the Rose Bowl for the Championship? or will they even make it into the top 6 to be guaranteed a BCS game?

My thought is maybe for the championship, but I think they will be for sure in the top 6 (given they win out). Right now Fresno is 10 in the AP and 11 in ESPN/CNN. Every team ahead of them plays another team that is ahead of them, thus each team has the opportunity to lose, and half the teams will have at least one loss. Depending on how far each team drops after a loss, Fresno should move up at least 5 spots by the end of the year, putting them in 5th in the AP and 6th in ESPN/CNN.

The big question is strength of schedule in the BCS rankings. You have to give Fresno credit for scheduling at Colorado, Oregon State, at Wisconsin (each are in the "others receiving votes" category now, but were strong teams to begin with). Should they be pentalized for playing in a weaker conference?? Maybe penalized isn't the right word, but i do think a one loss record in the Big Ten or SEC is better than an undefeated WAC.

Now that I've bored you to death, I think Fresno should and will be in the top 6, and make it to a BCS game if they go undefeated. I don't think they will make it to the championship game, although if there is only one other undefeated team out there, I think they deserve the opportunity to play in Pasadena (that is, of course, unless Michigan is the team that gets bumped out of the game = )
So I've been having bad luck with food.... well, not bad luck, but two unfortunate experiences in the last few months. I blogged about the salad awhile back (for those who didn't see it, i found a fly in one of those Dole pre-cut salad thingers).

Last week, i was looking for a quick meal, and has some pizza rolls in my freezer (doesn't everyone keep a supply of pizza rolls in their freezer?) and thought i would cook up a package for dinner. After enjoying two or three pizza rolls, i took a bite out of the next one. Then i had something in my mouth that was neither pizza nor roll. It was a piece of plastic. Not hard platic, but like a piece of a plastic bag. It wasn't a small piece either, it was a good square inch, if not more (and pizza rolls aren't that big to begin with).

Needless to say, i lost my appetite for dinner, and pizza rolls for the foreseeable future. Don't get me wrong, I will eat pizza rolls again, just not for awhile. After all, aren't pizza rolls one of the four basic food groups?
Do those automated menu systems really help? It seems that whenever I get one of those, it doesn't help. Here is an example of what I am talking about:
Automated Menu: "Press '1' for new service, Press '2' if you are an existing customer"
Me: "BEEEEEEP" (that's me pressing '1', not saying "beeep")

Operator: "Hi, this is how can I help you?"

Well, figuring that I pressed '1' for new service, isn't it obvious?

One time I called Verizon, and I entered in my account number TWICE through the automated system, then when i got to the operator, I had to tell them again. Why am I going through these automated menus when they are doing no good at all.

This is probably an easy quote, but then again, just depends on if you've seen the movie:
"dominous obisco, nabisco, espirit tu sainto
degastavus, me gastavus, you gastavus
we missed the bus, they missed the bus, when's the next bus
summa cum laude, magna cum laude, the radio's too loud-y
adeste fideles, semper fideles, hi fideles
post meridian, anti meridian, uncle meridian
all the little meridians
the magna carta, master charge-a
doom procalis, lots of vitalis"

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