Arbitrary Randomness
Friday, September 28, 2001
So I'm looking at some articles on the web, and find one about Soldier Field not going to go with naming rights to the stadium. I thought, wow, that's cool. Someone not selling out. So I read the article, and it said something to the effect of "we're not going to sell the name to the stadium, cuz it's not the right time, in light of what happened on Septempber 11th." So i guess that means that they will sell out, just not right now. Oh well. I guess i can be happy knowing that it is still "Michigan Stadium". I hope it never turns into "Cottage Inn Stadium"

So I'm listening to AM 1270, and of course it's the Lockerroom, and Eli really pissed me off. He was complaining about the extra security at Comerica Park. He was asking if it was really necessary for them to check his ID everytime he went in, and check his bags and equipment everytime he went in. His argument is that he has been covering the tigers for 25 years. After they check once, why do they need to check everytime. I wanted to call in, and ask Eli if he was wearing headphones, for two reasons. One, are you listening to yourself??? do you realize how ridiculous you sound?? And second, how can you fit those headphones on with your head so big. I can't believe your ego is so big that you assume that everyone knows who you are, and that you are too important to spend an extra couple of minutes waiting while they check your bags and ID. Your time must be more important than anyone elses. You can afford to be inconvenienced before getting in free to the game.

Sometimes I don't agree with Kirk, but good thing he was there to set him straight. He made Eli look like a total ass in my opinion. He kept asking him questions, and Eli didn't answer any of them (cuz he realized he was an ass, i think). Kirk slammed him big with the question/statement, "How do they know that you didn't put your equipment down somewhere, and someone switched your bags without you knowing, and now you're carrying a bomb, and there's a guy on I-75 with a remote control?" This was followed by silence from Eli...... i was just waiting for the Scent of a Women "hooooo-waaaaaaah"

OK, that's it for now..... click on my comments, and tell me i'm wrong

"Ray, if someone asks if you're a god, you say 'YES!!!!' "
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