Arbitrary Randomness
Friday, September 07, 2001
Russ, are you sitting at your computer, hitting refresh, hoping i post a little early??

I think today's will be difficult too, more so than yesterday (either that, or I have no concept of which are easy and which are hard). I supposed the difficulty comes down to the number of time you've seen the movie, how long ago it was since you've seen it, and how prominent of a line it was in the movie.

I do think today's movie quote is from a movie that is a little more obscure, so I will make it 10 points, then next week, I will return to the 5 point quotes...

and the quote is......

(you have to wait another 15 minutes)

(that's not the quote, i am saying, you have to wait another 15 minutes, so don't try to guess what movie had "you have to wait another 15 minutes" in it, because that's not the quote, so don't guess (even though i know that you will))
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