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Thursday, September 06, 2001
The much anticipated (for tennis fans) match occurred last night between Andre Agassi and Pete Sampras. In a truly amazing 3-plus hour match, not one time did either player break serve. 48 games were played, and each player held serve. All four sets went to tiebreakers with Agassi winning the first set, and Sampras winning the next three. Unfortunately, I couldn't stay up for the entire match, but the parts I caught were pretty exciting.

Another exciting player is 19 year old American Andy Roddick. If you haven't seen Roddick play, you should. It's amazing the speed he gets on his serves. He may come off as cocky, but I think it's more confidence than cocky-ness. He plays tonight, and it will probably be on USA around 9 start time (depending on the length of the previous match). Or maybe you just don't care about tennis and were bored out of your mind for the past 2 minutes while reading this.

and the quote of the day....... wait till noonish = )

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